Brands' Logos


Bothers me and blows my mind - why do people wear clothing that spells out in CAPITAL letters brand names?! Why?! 


First, why do they want to be a free walking advertisement for a brand? We are bombarded by ads everywhere we go: on the web, in social apps, restaurants/cafes, and malls. Do they really want to contribute to our advertisement oriented society?


Second, why do they want people to know that they shop at GAP, Armani, or Abercrombie?! Showing off where you shop instantly forces people to make judgments. I am sure they can find a grey sweater without GAP slapped at the front. I understand that some people show off their wealth this way. Please stop! Show it off by doing great things and staying under the radar. Do not scream by the way of your clothing, do good things!


Third, I feel like I am being yelled at when I see GAP spread across someone's chest. I already have to process so much information in my life. I do not need to feel like someone is yelling at me. 


Please buy items without huge logos attached to the front or the back. Do not help brands promote themselves free of charge. Let's be unique snowflakes as much as possible. 

Yoga Pants


I am certain I am not the first nor the last one to rant about women wearing workout wear while not working out. What is it about this attire that makes so many of us think it is appropriate for most of the occasions. And I mean, most. I see women in stores, during doctor visits, on playgrounds, running errands, enjoying brunches and many more! Work out wear has to be worn at the gym. 

You might say - they just left the gym and did not change. What?! Take a shower! And then put on loose jeans and a white tee. This is the simples yet a foolproof option that makes anyone look great. 

The mistake that most women make is to think that they look better in spandex. But why? Is spandex sexy? I do not believe that wearing spandex makes anyone look great. It hugs one’s body showing off every imperfection. And I am not saying hide your body. No. But I am a firm believer in the power of a proper outfit to transform us into better versions of ourselves, to lift our spirits and to create fun attitudes. Never in my life, I got a compliment for wearing my workout clothes, but I did get plenty of compliments for wearing dresses, skirts, jeans, you name it. Anything is better! 

So let's reclaim the dresses, skirts, exciting colors and new ideas. Let's spend a little bit of time and thought when we dress in the morning or plan our day. Do not be lazy and put on your yoga pants just cause you don’t have time to iron or shave your legs. Excuses are for weak, and we are not weak! We are women who lead the way, set higher expectations and guide a future generation. Be brave, be bold, be different!

Diaper Bag


Can someone please explain to me why so many women with babies carry diaper bags? I absolutely do not understand why a normal large bag cannot be trusted with a task of carrying diapers. Even with my first child, I never saw a need for a diaper bag. I used one of my large Zara bags to carry diapers, wipes, extra clothing, a few toys, a pacifier, and a bottle. 

A diaper bag is an unnecessary expense and another item which will end up in a landfill a year later. This bag ruins any look. It is very often in some horrid pattern that matches a stroller. A woman ends up with two bags: a diaper bag and a purse. 

Another variation of a diaper bag is a backpack. Why does one need that many things when going out with a child? Have we gone a little bit overboard with being prepared for every and any possible scenario?

I vote to abolish the diaper bag! Any large purse can fill the shoes of a diaper bag. It is not a rocket science to carry diapers and wipes. Next time you head out, try a regular purse. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Skin Care Ad


My first rant will be about the recently heard advertisement that hit the wrong spot. Or the right one depending on how you look at it. I was at the gym planning to go on a treadmill for a quick run. As I was struggling to get my Spotify to work, I decided to find some music on YouTube. I quickly located a soundtrack to accompany my run. As I was listening, an Olay commercial started to play. I got slightly annoyed but had no choice. 


The ad was nothing special. It was an old idea. Women are asked to try out a lotion without knowing a brand of that lotion. And at the end, they are delightfully surprised. Of course, all women raved about the cream and was shocked to find out that it was an affordable Olay cream. 


The focus of the ad was on the feel of the cream. How light and smooth it felt. But what about other things the cream needs to accomplish? It needs to nourish, revitalize, and maintain my skin to look young and healthy. I could not care less about the feel of a lotion or how quickly it absorbs. 

I got scared. Do some people go and buy the cream just because they heard the advertisement?! I am afraid for all of you who do. Are we that easy to manipulate?! Show us only one point or one side of an argument, and you win it! We need to be better at challenging what we are told especially if that means we are buying it. 

Rent Hikes


I am so sad, angry, and frustrated at the same time. An amazing store, that I loved to visit and browse for new discoveries, is closing. Property owner raised the rent 100% making it impossible for the store to operate. I know. I know. Life is not fair ... But I am upset no less.

The store is located in downtown San Carlos, CA - Shellies Miniature Mania ( This area has been getting a major facelift for the past year and a half. Many older buildings are being demolished - that is sad on its own. New, modern, and stylish buildings are popping up. I am sure they will be lovely, on-trend, soulless stores with no personality.


While I am not against new. I am against destroying communities' jewels. Unique original stores are priceless; they are true hearts of our communities that make neighborhoods so interesting and diverse. I am aware that this is a common trend across the country. But this time it is more personal... I am deeply saddened by Shellies' closure. 

There are a few more stores on this street that deal with antiques and second-hand items. They are great to browse through to find a precious treasure. I wonder how much time they have... 

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