Chic Stylish Practical

A few months ago, I finally bought my first pair of Dune London pumps. I have seen the brand’s advertisements on social media, but I have been holding out on a purchase. I have high standards when it comes to high heels. They must be comfortable, chic, elegant, and made with high-quality materials.

I thought for a long time and finally decided to buy a pair that caught my eye: Cabanna Multi.

I prepared myself not to expect much and be ready for a letdown. To my surprise, Dune’s pumps turned out to be comfortable and stylish. I have paired them with jeans, pants, dresses, and skirts. I can safely say that these pumps are comfortable and chic. 

Fast shipping
Excellent quality for the price

Synthetic sole
Synthetic lining
I will have to see how they stand the test of time

I think the brand is worth attention. I am eyeing another pair in the same style but different design.



Want To Love But Can Not

 I want to love Tata Harper's products so much, but I simply cannot recommend them. While all the products that I tried smell lovely, have a good consistency and look enticing, I did not feel like they did anything for my skin. I did not feel that my skin was moisturized, nourished, or improved. And considering the price, I rather buy other products in my must-have lineup. 


  • absorbs quickly

  • smells lovely

  • clean green skincare

  • 30-days returns (I returned eye cream with no problems)



  • Price (cleanser costs almost $90)

  • Little Effectiveness (I saw no change)

  • Irritation (an eye cream irritated my eyes, I returned it)


What I tried:

Clarifying Cleanser; Restorative Eye Creme; Creme Riche; Retinoic Nutrient Face Oil, Resurfacing Mask, Beautifying Face Oil 


The Comfiest Pumps Ever

I have one shoe brand that dominates my shoe collection - Sarah Flint. Sarah's shoes are incredibly comfortable (even pumps), made to last, and feature fantastic designs and details. All her shoes are handmade in Italy from excellent materials by expert artisans. 

Why I Love Them
Sarah's high heels are the comfiest pumps ever. My favorite design is Perfect Pump 85. I own at least six pairs. 


  1. Handmade in Italy

  2. Quality materials

  3. Expertly made

  4. Extra footbed padding

  5. Expanded toe box

  6. Arch support


  1. Price


If you would like to try SF shoes, here is a little gift - 

use this code at a check-out SARAHFLINT-BAABIK for $50 off!


One-Stop-Shop When You Need The Perfect Pair

I wanted to share my thoughts about Madewell’s Jeans. In one sentence - I love them. Quality and design make these jeans worth every penny. 


I have tried a few styles: skinny, wide-leg, and straight-leg jeans. I find them all to be extremely comfortable and chic. My favorite pair at this moment is Superwide-Leg Jeans in Eastchester WashWhy? They are incredibly comfortable. They are versatile - I can dress them up or down. They are on-trend, and I get compliments all the time when I wear them. 


Let me quickly run through the Cons and Pros of buying Madewell Jeans:


  1. Limited style availability at stores

  2. Some styles are too long; might require alterations

  3. Limited color selection 



  1. Amazing material quality

  2. Exciting designs

  3. Trendy and classic options

  4. Easy online shopping

  5. Simple return policy - no questions asked

  6. The brand is focusing on sustainable production


Effortless Must-Haves

Hello, Everyone! It is not a secret that I am a big fan of Vince clothing brand, offering California-inspired effortless styles. Vince's pieces are practical, chic, yes, a bit expensive (depending on the budget). But there is fantastic quality and design that carries through every single piece.


I have a few sweaters, tops, and skirts from Vince. They are elegant and chic, making it easy to put together an elegant outfit. 


If you are interested in the brand, I put together a list of cons and pros.



  1. Vince's understated pieces can be easily dressed up or down

  2. Each piece is made with quality materials

  3. The pieces are made to fit a wide range of bodies and shapes

  4. Each piece is designed to last for years

  5. The brand follows trends but keeps it wearable 

  6. Colors and prints are neutral and easy to mix and match

  7. End of season sale is the perfect time to score a fantastic Vince item



  1. Vince pieces are expensive

  2. Some items are made from synthetic material

  3. Some things depending on the material, cling to the body

  4. Many items must be dry cleaned


I hope my lists help you decide if you want to get yourself a fresh Vince piece. Vince's clothes are truly superb and have a massive potential of becoming your go-to staples, especially if you buy a cashmere cardigan or a wool coat.