Women's Shoes: The (nearly) Impossible Search For A Cinderella Shoe

Shoes are personal, hard to find, and impossible to share. Have you ever shopped for shoes? I bet you did. Shoes are impossible to avoid. In any civilized society, shoes are required if you wish to participate in everyday activities. Even though shoes have had a constant presence in our lives, many people still struggle with finding a perfect pair. Whether we crave comfort, style, timeless chic, or fashion statement, it is not easy to find the perfect fit.

Why do so many of us struggle with finding the perfect pair?

I think one of the problems is the abundance of cheap uncomfortable wear. Many people choose to get a more inexpensive pair and hope it would be fine. It will not! Cheap shoes are cheap for a reason. Most likely, it will lack support, be made of synthetic material, will not fit properly, and cause discomfort. A few weeks later, you buy another cheap pair, and the cycle repeats.

We have to face the truth and understand that cheap shoes are not comfortable. There are better options out there, and yes, they cost more. But if you buy a great pair which lasts you a long time, you will save money in the long run.

I wish I could tell you what brands to buy and what shoes to wear. I can not. Shoes are very personal because our feet are incredibly different, and we have different priorities: comfort, style, colors, materials, etc.

From personal experience, I can tell you it is tough to find your Cinderella shoe. I have tried a countless number of brands, and I am still trying to find what works the best for me.

Sometimes a brand surprises me by being comfier than I anticipated. During my latest random trip to Bloomingdales, I found Michael Kors' leopard print platform sandals. I was sure they would not be comfortable for all-day wear, but I got them anyway because the price was great, I liked them a lot, and I figured I would be able to wear them for a few hours - after I can switch into flats.

To my surprise, Michael Kors' sandals turned out to be extremely comfortable. I never thought of Michael Kors' shoes as comfortable shoe wear. I thought they were made for a show, not for all-day wear or comfort. How wrong was I? These particular sandals turned out to be amazing.

On the other hand, the same is true when you buy something that supposed to be comfortable. After a few hours, you are wondering what went wrong.

So yes, shoes are

  • personal,

  • hard to find,

  • rarely fit perfectly,

  • very often do not work out.

One suggestion I have - keep trying different brands. Try brands that you think will never work for you - you might be pleasantly surprised. And, do not shop at physical malls all the time. Many up-and-coming brands sell online. Give them a try! Shipping and returns are often free.

Here are my favorites:

Rothy's (casual)

Tieks (casual)

Allbirds (casual)

Tabitha Simmons (fancy)

Sarah Flint (casual/fancy)

Stuart Weitzman (casual/fancy)

Soludos (casual made for travel)

I know that most of you will look at this list and say, is she crazy? These do not pass the comfy, stylish, or affordable test. But this is precisely my point - people's tastes and feet are so different; you have to keep trying different shoe brands. Keep trying until you find YOUR brand. And once you do, you will never need to experiment again.

I love Tabitha Simmons, Stuart Weitzman, Keds x Kate Spade, Tieks, and Soludos.

On my list to try are Sarah Flint, Tread (Everlane), and Rothy's.

I will keep you posted ;)


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