Why You Need Wardrobe Staples In Your Life

We've all had days when we are running behind schedule. Whether a morning got away from us, we overslept, or the world conspired against us. We are running around the house, trying desperately to get ready and grab all that we need. And then it happens. We reach our wardrobe, and the stress level reaches its peak. What to wear? At times like this, I grab my staple pieces and run.

What Are Wardrobe Staples?

Wardrobe staples or go-to pieces are lifesavers. The idea is not a ploy or an advertising gimmick trying to trick you into buying more clothes. It is quite the opposite. To have wardrobe staples means to have essential clothing items that easily mix and match with other pieces in your wardrobe while creating a simple yet stylish look every time.

Wardrobe staples are not dull, and they are timeless and forever elegant. Must-have items show that their owner is smart, rational, inventive, and in touch with reality. Pulling together a white tee, relaxed jeans, high heels, and a blazer - a simple but beautiful work of art.

Essential items in one's wardrobe are critical for pulling together stylish looks at a minute's notice. Going back to my example of running late, with wardrobe staples, you can be ready in five minutes.

I believe that having a functional and thoughtful wardrobe will save time, money, effort, and reduce stress. The mind will be free to think about more important things, than what to wear.

If you research wardrobe staples, different magazines, blog posts, and fashion editors will give you a slightly different set of items. However, there are a few agreed-upon essentials that you have to have.

Must-Have Staples

  • White T-shirt and Shirt

Simple but so elegant. The white color projects freshness, hope, and endless possibilities. While the white color looks regal and festive, it is also a fantastic everyday color. Pair a white tee with jeans, white sneakers, and a trench for the ultimate power look.

  • Perfect (for your body) Jeans

One must have the perfect pair of jeans. It is crucial to find a style and design that works for you. Do not buy jeans that are popular now or worn by social media stars. No! Do yourself a huge favor and get a pair that works for you.

  • Little Black Dress (LBD)

Perfection is hard to achieve but thoughtfully selected LBD comes very close to it. The dress must fit you. It must flatter your body. And it must give you confidence. The LBD with all the right qualities is priceless. (Think "Breakfast at Tiffany's!")

  • Blazer and Trench Coat

These two are the classic duo that worth your money. A Blazer is the one piece that polishes up any look whether you are heading out to a date, dinner, party, or client meeting. Nothin says, "I mean what I say," as a Blazer.

A Trench Coat is an absolute must. It is elegant and timeless. Sand or camel color is the most popular, but you could be adventurous and experiment with colors and patterns. The classic cut Trench Coat is a beauty.

  • White Sneakers and Black Pumps

Go-to sneakers and pumps are probably already in your closet. These two must be comfortable and elegant to uplift any outfit you put together.

  • Turtleneck and Sweater

This pair is the least excited but the most practical. You need to have an awesome sweater to rock that party. A classic crew sweater with a loose fit will be appropriate for all occasions.

A classic fitted turtleneck is a great layering piece that works well under a blazer or trench.


I would say that this list is the perfect start and allows room for growth. Once you have these items nailed, you can experiment with a pencil or a-line skirt, power pants, shirt dress, and French-style striped top.

Wardrobe staples will never fail you, I guarantee!


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