Wardrobe's Superhero - Practical Chic Cardigan

There is a hidden gem in every wardrobe. It is practical and stylish, chic and classic, easy to style and cozy to be in - a must-have cardigan. For many years, I gave no attention to this garment nor understood why some people loved it. It took me a lucky chance to discover how great a cardigan is. And ever since, my love for this piece has only grown.

Why I Love A Cardigan

  1. An amazing cardigan is the layering hero. It is perfect for autumn and winter looks, making you look chic and keeping you warm. A lovely colorful cardigan can also be excellent for spring looks paired with a fitted top, turtleneck, or dress.

  2. It is practical. No one can deny the practicality of a cardigan. It offers the right amount of warmth when buttoned up. And there is always an option to open it up when the sun shines brighter. It does not restrict one's movement or present a challenge to wear.

  3. It is versatile. A classic cut cardigan is a perfect piece for every day whether you feel like dressing up or not. Cardigan works well with high heels and a skirt or jeans and sneakers.

  4. It comes in endless possibilities. If you ever buy a cardigan, you will be overwhelmed by choices. There are fitted and oversized, full length and cropped, thick and thin, simple and elaborate. You can be sure to find something that fits your style and speaks to your heart.

  5. It is cozy, soft, and comfy. No explanation is needed.

My Favorite Outfits Featuring A Chic Cardigan:

  1. A cardigan, white t-shirt, and wide-leg jeans;

  2. A cardigan, white shirt, and fitted jeans;

  3. A cardigan and fitted dress or skirt.

The above is only a tiny sample of outfits you can create with a cardigan. I believe there is no limit to styling cardigans if you are willing to have fun while looking your best.


Remember, we are here not to look a certain way. We are here to enjoy clothes and our styles. Wear what you love, the way you love it.


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