Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas: How To Style The Red And Pink Combo

Valentine's day is around the corner. And even though I am not a fan of this holiday, I do love an excuse to dress-up (more so than usual). The primary Valentine's colors are pinks and reds, that are both robust and attention-grabbing. This combination might seem a little bit intimidating, but it is not.

Does this combination work? you ask

Absolutely! Let me show you.

Color Psychology.

Before we dive into the possible outfit ideas, let us consider color psychology.

Red is a powerful color; it is energetic, passionate, joyful, and emotionally intense. Red can also be perceived as aggressive and dangerous. In ancient cultures, red was associated with victories, clergy, and nobility.

My go-to option for incorporating red into my looks is my red Sarah Flint shoes. They are the perfect shade of red, giving the ideal amount of drama to my every day looks.

Pink is a softer version of red; it is charming, romantic, and approachable. When I think of pink, I think of my little girl who loves all things pink; the brighter, the better. She puts on different shades of pink, grabs her favorite pink toy, and she is ready - makes me smile every time.

So if you want to projected tender loving emotions this holiday season, I suggest you stick to softer shades of pink.

Styling Options.

So how do we wear pink and red in real life?

Consider Shades:

First, consider color shades. Pair bold shades together like bright red and electric pink. Combine muted red with softer shades of pink. For a date night, go with a more daring option, while rocking a more delicate combination for a casual office outfit.

Think About Proportions:

Second, think about dimensions. Select one color to be your base, and the other an accent - 2/3 and 1/3 ratio. This breakdown will be more pleasing to an eye creating a solid playful look.

For example, think of red as your primary stage color and then add pink as accents to highlight details.

Details Matter:

Third, if you are not into the pink and red combo, consider using the colors as highlighters. Subtle accents will put you into a holiday spirit while staying true to yourself.

I would put together a neutral-colored look and add pink/red earrings, lips, shoes, and purse. You could also add or substitute red/pink scarfs, nails, eyeshadows, rings, or belts.

Put It All Together.

Now, let us consider outfits for specific occasions.

It is Valentine's day, and you want to add a bit of pink to your work outfit. I suggest a deep navy pencil skirt with a soft pink top, followed by a navy blazer or cardigan. I would also add kitty heels with a touch of pink and finish up the look with light pink cheeks and a lip gloss.

If later in the day you are heading out to dinner or drinks, I have a bold idea. Style a midi length red skirt with a pink strappy top. Then add a red blazer or dress shirt, halfway opened. Then I would add white high heels with a matching white handbag. Pink earrings, a necklace, and bracelet would not hurt here. And of course, red lips.

If a fancy night-out is not on your schedule, I can offer a more relaxed look. I would pick boyfriend cut jeans styled with a light pink t-shirt. I would pair it with a deep red cropped cardigan followed by red & pink sneakers. For the ultimate look, I would add soft pink earrings.

Happy V-day!


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