Traveling In Style: Must-Know Tips To Enhance Your Airport Look

I love exploring new places and discovering new-to-me delicious foods, but I wouldn't say I like traveling to a destination. Part of the reason why is deciding what to wear during a day of travel:

Do I wear clothes suited for a destination? Do I get a warm jacket because airports are cold? Do I wear heels because they take up too much space in my suitcase?

All these questions and more used to swirl in my head whenever I was heading out of town. One day I decided that enough is enough. I was waisting too much effort and time on a simple task of travel dressing. So I came up with a blueprint for a travel outfit.

I will share my essential thoughts on a perfect travel outfit. You can make any modifications you see fit or ignore my thoughts altogether. I will not take it personally.

Before we dive into the details of an efficient travel outfit, we need to cover a few basic concepts.

  • Wear layers: no matter where you are going, the temperature inside and outside fluctuates.

  • Have no more than two carry-ons: you need at least one free hand to show a boarding pass and ID, and to hold coffee and phone.

  • Have specially designed in-flight pouch: pack all the essentials you need during your flight into a small pouch. When you reach your set, all you need to do is to pull out one bag while storing everything else in an overhead compartment.

Now that we have the basics down, I want to share with you what I wear on a flight.

Stylish Layers

As I mentioned before, layers are essential. Not only will they keep you warm, but you will also have the ability to shed layers when it gets hot.

Throughout the day, I tend to go through stages. In the mornings and at night, I am cold and need an extra layer. During a day, I tend to run hot, especially if sightly stressed.

Layers are critical for my comfort and self-confidence, so here is what I wear: camisole, t-shirt, long sleeve top/shirt/sweater, light long coat or cardigan.

Long Coat

A long coat or cardigan is a must-have travel item - during the flight and on vacation. It elongates a silhouette creating a slimmer look. It also pulls the whole outfit together, literally covering up any rough spots.


A scarf is another must-have item that adds class and color to any look. Go for a lighter material if you are traveling to a warm location. Select a warmer scarf for cold weather.

I love one particular way of wrapping a scarf.

  • Drape a scarf around your neck, keeping one side longer;

  • Loop the longer side around your neck;

  • Then pull the longer end through that loop.

I do this trick with thin and thick scarfs.


I have a few pairs of sneakers that I love. And depending on the final destination, I pick a pair. There are no rules about sneakers. Just make sure they are comfortable.


A versatile handbag is an excellent accessory to have. I go for a mid-size cross body bag that fits all the essentials I need on a plane, leaving some room for any clothes I take off or snacks I buy.

The list might feel like it is a lot of work, but it is not. Besides, you will be able to rock this look off a plane as well.

Happy stylish travels!



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