Three Must-Know Rules Styling A Midi Skirt

Have you ever put on a midi skirt and looking in the mirror noticed that something is off? You could not quite figure out what was wrong, but the look was not working for you. If your answer is yes, then this post is for you. I will let you in on the secrets of styling a midi skirt.

But before we get into the stylish possibilities of midi skirts, let's talk about the right midi skirt.

Skirt Types

My favorite, by far, is a pleated skirt. These skirts are fun to wear, feminine, and elegant. One can easily dress them up or down.

Then there are slip skirts that are playfully sexy. They are perfect for a night out or a date.

My least favorite skirts are ruffle and wrap skirts. I find them messy and unpolished.

Ruffle skirt has too much volume that looks unbalanced with the rest of an outfit. Wrap skirts require constant supervision making sure nothing is flying away and opening up.

Color and Pattern

When it comes to colors, the safest colors are nude, black, light pink, navy, and silver/gold. These shades will allow you to rock many looks wearing the same skirt.

If you crave adventure and fun, I recommend going for bold prints and sequence details, especially during the holiday season. Checks are always in style; you can experiment with colors and sizes. Flowery prints often come in and out of fashion. Polka dots are my absolute favorite. They are always in, cool, stylish, and fun to wear.

Now that we have covered the basics, we can jump into styling options.

Three Simple Rules To Know

Rule # 1: Tuck It In.

So often, I see an awesome midi skirt that is covered by a top. The proportions are immediately off. The outfit looks messy, with no definition or shape. So tuck that t-shirt, shirt, top, sweater, etc. You want to accent the waistline to create an hourglass silhouette.

Rule # 2: Go For Fitted and Cropped.

If you hate taking in a top, then go for the fitted cropped top. Shirt or cardigan that is cropped, stopping right at your waist. But I suggest wearing a tank top or t-shit underneath for a polished look.

Rule # 3: Tuck An Oversized Piece In The Front.

If you are a fan of bulky, oversized tops, try tucking it in at least at the front. The ideal way would be to tuck it all in. But if your sweater is too bulky, then tuck it in the front, slightly loosening the material, so it nicely drapes.

The secret behind all these rules is simple; we need to define and accent a waistline. Even if you do not have a small waist, the accent on your waistline will create an illusion creating a feminine hourglass silhouette. And as we know, that is the most pleasing to any eye body profile.


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