The Ultimate Guide To Holiday Styling

I love the holidays! It is time for cheer, delicious foods, decorations, lights, and, most importantly, an excuse to wear something fabulous.

And, yes, we all have different comfort levels when it comes to holiday dressing. Some chose to wear bright or glittery outfits. Others pick plunging necklines. Yet, some go for classic elegance.

But no matter what your style is, I offer you an ultimate guide to the holiday dressing.

If you are heading to a holiday party in the coming days, I suggest you think about a few key points:

  • What dress style works for your body?

  • Do you prefer bold prints or classic elegance?

  • Do you have appropriate accessories and undergarments?


Let's start at the top. The best dress is the dress that works for your body, highlighting its strengths and hiding trouble areas. And I do not mean to say that you need to hide your frame under a boxy unflattering dress. Absolutely not! But we need to consider what works best.

For "apple" shapes, the best dresses are empire and A-line designs. For "pear" bodies, ideal dresses are ball gown, empire, or fit & flare cuts. For athletic bodies, try an empire, sheath, or A-line dresses. The main idea is to achieve an hourglass silhouette without creating a heavy top or bottom.

I would strongly urge you to stay away from tight-fitting dresses unless you have an hourglass-shaped body.

Colors and Prints

Now that you know what dress to wear let's talk about colors and prints. If you want to stay safe and elegant, I suggest monochrome outfits. There is nothing more stylish than an all-red, deep wine, white, or dark blue dresses. You can never go wrong with these royal holiday colors.

If you like more drama, I think you should try sequences, animal prints or bright neon options. These are bold choices, so be ready for lots of attention, questions about the look, and comments. If you are O.K. with a spotlight, then drama is your friend this holiday season.


Now, to the most critical aspect of the holiday dressing: undergarments and accessories. Any dress can be ruined without proper support. Bra and panties must fit. And when I say fit, I mean proper fit. Underwear must NOT squeeze or cut into your body. It also should not be seen through or create skin rolls. Also, consider a dress design to make sure your bra works with the dress without being seen.

Tights. Tights. Tights. Nothing is more striking than the absence of stockings. Please buy a few pairs of fancy stockings in black and nude. Tights have a tendency of bringing the whole look together smoothing and adding sparkle to pale winter legs. Please do not skip this step. Maybe the presence of tights does not speak volumes, but their absence is prominent.

Last but not least, get a little purse for your lipstick, cell phone, ID, some cash, and a credit card. I never leave my home without these critical items. You never know where a night might take you :D

Happy Holidays! Enjoy all the foods, laughter, and cheer this holiday season!


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