The Secret Of Audrey Hepburn's Exquisite Style

When I think of Fashion Icons, Audrey Hepburn immediately comes to mind. Her elegant classical looks transcend decades, cultures, and trends. Her famous black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's is the fashion moment we all strive to experience. What is Audrey's secret? And is it possible to learn it?

Audrey's Secret

There is probably not one single item that is solely responsible for Audrey's exquisite style. To imitate her elegance, taste, and touch, we need to think beyond a single outfit or a hair-do. We need to step back to take in the full breadth of Audrey's presence. We have to understand that although individual pieces are essential, the magic happens when they all come together.


We cannot talk about Audrey's style without mentioning her face. I think face matters a great deal when it comes to fashion. Audrey had big open eyes that smiled and intrigued. She had thick prominent eyebrows that framed her almond eyes. Audrey always wore bold lipstick to draw attention to her wide brilliant smile. And her face was flawlessly smooth, clean, and radiant.

So when we think about style, we have to think about the face. I do not mean to say that you need to do heavy makeup, wear false lashes, or anything of the sort. I talk about taking care of your face to make sure it looks healthy and use makeup wisely, accenting beautiful features.


Audrey paid a lot of attention to her hair. In each photo, Audrey's hair was perfectly styled. Nothing fancy. Very often, her short hair was neatly combed away from her face with carefully arranged bangs.

So next time you head out, think about your hair. Even if it is a simple ponytail, you can make it look stylish by making it sleek and smooth.


The most significant piece of the puzzle is clothes. Audrey had an eye for elegant, simple garments that worked well with her style. There is an important point that needs to be made. Audrey's clothes were always fitted to perfection. I never saw a picture where her clothes were bulging, hanging, or too tight.

Audrey's photos feature her delicate figure in slim, perfectly tailored clothes. She expertly selected simple pieces like turtlenecks, boatneck tops, straight pants, and dresses. She chose clothes that worked for her. And I think it is critical to remember that clothes must work for us and not the other way around.

Closer Look At Audrey's Favorite Pieces

When I think of Audrey's most elegant everyday look, I think of her black and white outfit styled with simple black pants and a striped top. The look is timeless. It was relevant then as it is now. Audrey's ability to wear something so simple with such poise and style is pure art.

Collared shirt and straight pants

Audrey's timeless looks very often include a collared shirt. There are endless examples of her impeccable style, pairing collared shirts with pants, skirts, and sweaters.


Audrey loved a good turtleneck top which is still a classical piece of every wardrobe. I bet you have one in your closet. Turtlenecks pair well with jeans, pants, skirts, and blazers.


We cannot forget about adorable summer dresses that Audrey styled with wide brim hats, gloves, and hairbands. It is sad to see that dresses are now reserved for special events and weddings. And many girls and women prefer to wear leggings to a Sunday brunch. Sigh.

The Black Dress

When I think of the most epic fashion moment, I instantly think of Breakfast at Tiffany's and Audrey's fabulous black dress. Every girl needs THE black dress that is classical, stylish, dramatic, elegant, and fabulous all rolled in one.

Trench Coat

And we can not forget Audrey's trench coat. The trench is the must-have in every closet, and there is no wrong way to style it.


Finally, it is essential to remember that Audrey was fond of sunglasses, gloves, hats, headscarves, and jewelry. One purposefully picked accessory very often can alter the whole look.

I know you are disappointed that there is no simple one-word answer to the question: what is Audrey's secret? But complex, amazing things in life never simple.

There is no one piece of clothing or an outfit that can make you stylish. Style is more than one thing, and it is a beautiful interplay of personality, physical traits, garments, and imagination. And the key is to learn how to style clothes to accent the right feature and enhance the strong points. You can channel your version of Audrey's timeless chic by trusting yourself and relying on Audrey's styling tips.


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