The Only Way To Improve Your Wardrobe

Are you unhappy with your wardrobe?

Is it a struggle to dress in the morning?

If your answers are yes, then it is time for a major wardrobe overhaul!

Why? — you ask.

Let me explain. Remember, when you were a kid, your clothes continuously changed. Whether they no longer fit you, got ripped, or were forgotten at a playground, they were replaced by something else. Thus your childhood wardrobe forever evolved, staying on-trend, being relatively small, and looking fresh.

When we reach our twenties and thirties, we come head to head with a problem — we no longer have a strong need to replace clothes; yet, we shop as we do. As the new items arrive, old clothes get pushed towards the end of our closets instead of being tossed. Soon our closets resemble a department store with piles and piles of clothes. We have lots of clothes, yet we have nothing to wear.

Without a natural purge, we get overwhelmed and lost.

Why Do We Keep Old Clothes?

You are not alone. Many of us hang on to old clothes because they trigger positive memories and emotions. Humans are wired to think that the past is better than the present. We quickly forget the difficulties we endured and choose to focus on positive memories. Thus, many of us keep old clothing because it reminds us of better days, lovely experiences, personal wins, and romantic adventures.

“Reminiscing about the past makes us feel good: It can lead to increased feelings of social connectedness and elicit positive emotions.” NBC News, Why it’s so hard to get rid of all that clutter.

And, although I understand the power of good memories and a desire to relive them, we cannot live in the past. We cannot wear/keep a dress that no longer fits us only because it is a “lucky” one. We cannot hide in our college hoodie when we head into work because we feel secure in it. It is time to find a new lucky dress and graduate to a chic sweater.

The past should not dictate who we are in the present. And yes, letting go of clothes that bring positive memories is hard. But think of a powerful impact that new clothes will have on you today:

  • new-found confidence

  • increased self-worth

  • increased social standing

  • positive energy

The Overhaul.

All the old clothes have to go. The exceptions are (if in good condition and fit well) fall/winter jackets, blazers, classic cut dresses, jeans, and dress shirts. The rest should be donated.

What will I wear? — you ask.

New clothes! Clothes that fit well and designed with you in mind.

New clothes are known to empower, add confidence, increase positive emotions, and encourage communication. Your fashion choices tell stories about your goals, ambitions, and desires. So choose your clothes carefully to reflect who you want to be.

“The question is not whether you care about fashion, it’s more about what you’re communicating intentionally or unconsciously through your fashion choices.”, Research Shows That the Clothes You Wear Actually Change the Way You Perform.

The Smart Guide Of The Perfect Closet.

What should I buy? — you wonder.

First thing first. We have to start with the proper foundation — undergarments. Underwear is an essential part of one’s look and confidence. Properly fit bra will transform your entire outfit. You will no longer worry about falling bra straps, pinching underwires, or uncomfortable panties.

Think of underwear is an investment since you will be wearing it regularly. So do the research and invest money into well designed, perfectly fit pieces. The right bra should not have sliding straps or create skin rolls on your back. Bra cups should not have gaps between your body and cups.


Next, we focus on tops. You need a good number of essential items that can be mixed and matched as well as layered. Get a few camisoles, t-shirts, and dress shirts in neutral colors. This will ensure you have enough options to pair with various bottoms and layer under blazers or sweaters.


Speaking of layering. Sweaters, blazers, and coats are the must-haves. You need a few blazers, again in neutral colors, that you can wear during the summer/ fall season. For summer, go for light neutral colors. For fall, pick navy, browns, and mustards yellows. Blazers and coats can be monochrome or patterned. The safest pattern is timeless checks.


Now, you need bottoms. Jeans, slacks, and pencil skirts are all that you need. I would not buy shorts, cullets, or full skirts. Get two pairs of jeans that work for your body, e.g., skinny and boyfriend cut. Get a pair of slacks for work or client meetings. And you cannot survive without a pencil skirt. The proper fit and right length pencil skirt is the most authentic look you can have. Pair it with an oversized sweater or fitted blazer and rock this world!


Last but not least, let’s talk about dresses. I know some of us do not like dresses but get at least one classic black dress (LBD). I promise you — you will not regret it. Perfect LBD will be your go-to piece for dinners, dates, drinks with girls, etc. Again, (I have to stress this point) LBD needs to be a simple, perfectly fitted, mid-length dress, without any drastic cut-outs, embroidery, or sequence.

— — — — —

Boring! — you say.

No dear. This is nothing but boring.

These are critical pieces of a smart, grownup wardrobe that represents a simple yet practical style. A simple wardrobe is chic and timeless, with endless opportunities and easy modifications. Once you have the perfect base, you can add exciting new pieces that will work with your essential basics.

Happy purging and smart shopping!


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