The One Color You Have To Add To Your Rotation

I was never a fan of the white color, mostly because it gets dirty quickly. In my early days, I did not want to maintain and care for white clothing. Later, when I became a parent, I learned that nothing I wear stayed clean for more than an hour. Something was bound to happen no matter how careful I was.

As time went on, I slowly started to re-introduce white-colored clothing into my wardrobe. And what a difference has it made! The white color is like magical dust that transformed my looks into a more polished version of themselves.

A Little Bit Of History

The white color has a notable history and is associated with the women's suffrage movement. In the early days of the movement, white was selected as the primary color because of its modest presentation, purity, and femininity. The white color later became associated with sisterhood, solidarity, and empowerment.

To this day, the white color symbolizes women's power and resistance. Current-day politicians embrace the tradition of all-white looks to signal their support for the women's movement, empowerment, and resistance. Hillary Clinton wore all white during her presidential campaign. How Wearing White Became A Symbol Of Female Solidarity, AnOther Magazine.

If we dig into the symbolic meaning of the white color, we will find that it is associated with purity, virginity, faith, humility, cleanness, and innocence. Think about a blank page that presents endless possibilities and joys to come, or remember seeing a wedding gown that promises a fresh start and a hopeful future.

How To Add White To Your Wardrobe

Adding white to a wardrobe is necessary and straightforward. The color is simple yet elegant and pairs well with all the other colors.

If you have no idea where to start, I recommend looking at a white shirt or t-shirt. Both are wardrobe staples and can be styled in many different ways. It is worth investing in these two items as they never go out of style, and you can dress them up with heels or down with white sneakers.

Another possibility is a white relaxed fit dress that again can be easily dressed up or down. A white dress is like a blank canvas that you can color in many ways. Add bright colors by way of red sandals, colorful belts, bright handbags, or exciting jewelry.

Another option is an all-white look that is perfect for a lunch date or happy hour drinks. The outfit will be regal, royal, and very noticeable. So expect to draw lots of attention as you stroll in an all-white look. Remember Jennifer Lopez at Biden's inauguration day? She looked terrific in an all-white Chanel outfit!

Suppose you like to pair and match your pieces. A perfect option could be white sneakers or pumps paired with a white clutch or shoulder bag. You can also add a white belt or blazer to up your game.

The white color is very friendly with other colors. Most colors go well with white. You won't ever have to worry about the color wheel.

A Few Drawbacks

One downside is that a white piece except for shoes and a purse needs thoughtful and constant care. Dresses, pants, and shirts need to be dry-cleaned often. Jeans and t-shirts can be washed at home with like colors. At the same time, blazers and coats can take a little bit of time between dry cleaning visits.

So if you are on the budget, do not buy many white pieces. One or two items will do the magic, like a white t-shirt and coat.

Also, make sure that you separate your white laundry from the rest. Never make the mistake of washing whites with other colors. You might find yourself with a pink t-shirt if you wash it with reds.

In addition, keep in mind that white pieces made out of a thinner material can be see-through. I suggest wearing a padded bra, cheeky briefs or high-waisted briefs, or a slip. Proper undergarments will ensure your outfit looks elegant and polished.

I hope you will give the white color a chance. It is magical, pure, and fun to wear.



Below is a link to my recent IGTV post on how to style a white t-shirt. Check it out!


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