The End Of The Winter Season: What To Buy On Sale Now

Hello My Friends!

And a happy new year! We are officially in 2022. As I am writing this article, it is almost the end of January. And although it is the beginning of the year, it is the end of the winter season in the fashion world. I see sale signs wherever I go, and most of the winter collections are discounted.

And while many of us could take a break from shopping, since we probably spent a lot on holiday gifts, dinners, and parties. The sales are an excellent time to stock up on essentials, wardrobe staples, and basics.

I have conflicting feelings about sales. On the one hand, I am getting a great deal and could save a lot of money on wardrobe staples. On the other hand, stores tempt me to buy clothes that I might not necessarily need or want.

Setting aside my feelings about sales - the winter sale is the perfect time to score a great deal on winter essentials.

As you probably know, winter clothing is expensive, especially if it is made with quality materials like alpaca, cashmere, wool, or leather. The winter sale offers an excellent opportunity to find a fantastic wardrobe staple that you will love and cherish at a considerably low price.

I know, I know, one might say that the winter season is almost over, and wouldn't it make more sense to start buying fresh spring items.

To that, I say no. The winter sale is a fantastic time to stock up on cold-weather basics.

For example, during last year's winter sale, I purchased a few items that I wore this winter season. These purchases were a great success: Closed's bright lemon green cardigan, gray cashmere pants, and a matching duster.

These three purchases were a wise investment into the next cold season, especially considering I got wardrobe staples that never go out of style. The three items were made with wool, cashmere, and alpaca materials - perfect materials to keep me warm and stylish. And they were 50% off their original price. Score!

Winter sale is also excellent if you have been eyeing a winter/fall coat. The quality coats are expensive and start at about $1,000. They are an investment and worth all the money, but they are an even better investment if bought on sale.

Next time you want to buy a winter coat but are not willing to pay a full price, wait till the end of the season sale. But you must be quick; quality items on sale do not last for long. Folks who understand how to stretch their money to the fullest, watch out for deals, and do not hesitate once their favorite item goes on sale.

Madewell has great deals on coats right now: Courton Cocoon Coat in Plaid is on sale at $149.99. This is a great everyday coat that is playful and practical. I like its colors and the chic vibe.

Vince's heavenly soft Cashmere Shaker Rib Cardigan is on sale for $198. This piece is a classic and a forever cold-weather staple.

Everlane's The Felted Merino Double-Breasted Cardigan is a fabulous statement piece, on sale at $79. It is not your average cardigan - relaxed fit with a statement front detail.

Everlane's The Cozy-Stretch Duster is on sale for $70. It is a perfect casual everyday piece that works with almost everything in your closet.


I strongly believe in winter sales - the perfect opportunity to get a fantastic piece on sale for half the price.

And it does not matter that I cannot wear it straight away. Knowing that I have the most fantastic piece in my wardrobe for the following year's season makes me super excited. And I know not everyone loves clothes as much as I do. But you can always look at it from the practical side of saving money on good quality clothes.

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