The Challenging 2020 Year In Review

The year 2020 has made history and will be (most likely) rated as one of the worst years in United States history. But for all its horrible events, 2020 gave us some good with the bad.

I want to focus on the good.


Most of us had more time to spend and bond with our families; we extended a helping hand to friends and neighbors. Many communities supported small local businesses and took care of the homeless and vulnerable. We hopefully learned that together we could accomplish a great deal more than on our own.

Stay-at-home orders allowed many to try out baking, cooking, reading, sewing, or knitting. Social media was filled with photos of sourdough and banana nut breads. Most of us got caught up on The Crown show, and dove into an endless variety of Netflix shows about British Royalty.

As for my family and me, we had our ups and downs. Homeschooling was and is challenging. Kids and adults are equally tired of Zoom calls and miss face-to-face interactions. The most challenging time is an evening, as we are all tired of being together, and the slightest conflict can blow up into a war.

During the year, my family enjoyed a few trips (COVID safe) to Arnold, CA. We went a few times during summer and one in winter. These were vital trips that allowed everyone to relax and spend time outside our regular four walls.

I was surprised at how well my two toddlers adjusted to a new life. They, of course, miss their friends and trips to the playground. My kindergartener is now proficient at video calls and remote learning. The children also became best friends, and I officially now come second (used to be number one). But I am happy that they have developed a strong bond.

Abi's Blog

Despite it all, I was able to channel my creative personality through my blog posts and YouTube videos. It has been hard to find inspiration, but I have tried to base my posts on my everyday life. I posted 39 articles on my blog and several videos and photos on Instagram and YouTube.

My most-read article of 2020 (on Medium) was Ditch Fashion Trends: Find Your Inner Stylist.

The most-watched IG Reel was about Sarah Flint's Perfect Zip Booties, Super comfy, extra stylish @sarahflint_nyc booties.

I also partnered with Sarah Flint's brand and became a brand ambassador! If you decide to treat yourself to a pair of fabulously comfortable shoes, feel free to use my $50 off discount code (SARAHFLINT-BAABIK).

I am very proud to report Abi's Blog now has a guest writer - Tess DiNapoli - her latest post is 10 Curvy Body Style Essentials Every Curvy Girl Needs. I could not be happier and more proud of the efforts and love that we put into each post. I appreciate your support, Tess!


With all the ups and downs of 2020, we need to remember the good. Even though it might be hard to find, there are some good things that we all have learned that helped us grow emotionally and mentally. Let's say goodbye to 2020 and welcome 2021!

I wish everyone a safe and happy New Year! Stay healthy, protect yourself and your family! Raise glasses and shout "Happy 2021"!


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