Summer Inspirations: Round-up Of My Favorite Items Right Now

As new Covid-19 infections in California, Bay Area go down, the optimism and hope for better times ahead go up. Fewer new daily infections are being registered, fewer people being hospitalized, and it appears, at the moment, that the curve is flattening. Let's hope that this trend continues. Although, we can never be sure that Covid-19 will not resurge again.

But for now, we will focus on good news and enjoy warm summer days. To lift your spirits even more, why do not we jump into summer fashion and see what it has to offer this season.

And yes, not everyone has the luxury to spend money on non-essential items right now. But we can always look, right? Positive inspirations never hurt.


The first stop is shoes. As you might know, I love shoes. One of my favorite brands, Sarah Flint launched an exciting summer collection. It is stunning, classic, and functional. Whether you are going for a walk or chilling in your backyard, Sarah's new collection will not let you down.

Since we are heading fast into summer, sandals are definitely on my list. I found Soludos a few years ago. These shoes are comfortable and fun - a perfect match for a chill weekend vibe look. I have been eyeing a new pair of Soludos sandals - Remy Sandal. I think these will be fun to wear with jeans or a dress. What do you think?


Summer is the time we finally start to wear bright, lovely, exciting dresses. Summer dresses are always a bit tricky for me. I love short dresses, but they are so not functional for a mom with two kids. So I go for mid to knee-length dresses. Madewell offers a wide dress selection.


There is one more must-have item for this summer: a wide-brim hat. I cannot go through summer without a hat. It offers protection from the sun, it hides dirty undone hair, and it adds so much to my #ootd. If you can get only one item this summer, get a hat.

I hope you enjoyed this short yet fun round-up of my summer faves! More to come...


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