Styling Guide: How To Style A Black Blazer

Hello, My Dear Readers!

Today I thought we could chat about a classic masterpiece, closet must-have, timeless staple - a black blazer. There is nothing quite like a chic, stylish black blazer. It is an irreplaceable classic that improves any look, making you look timeless, elegant, and expertly put-together.

In this post, I will cover a few topics: (1) How to style a blazer, and (2) How to find the right fit.

How To Style A Black Blazer

I. White Top + Jeans + Blazer

Let’s start with the most classical look: jeans and a white tee paired with the black blazer. If you are to google this look, you will find thousands of options and ideas. And it is all because this is the most versatile, practical, and elegant look. This combination works for a weekend errands run, happy hour, dinner date, or business meeting.

Styling Tip: You can pair any shoes with the black blazer: flats, pumps, sneakers, or boots. But please NO flip-flops.

Is it worth investing in the black blazer?

Of course, it is!

The sky is the limit when it comes to the practicality of the black blazer.

II. Dress + Blazer

The second very popular look is a dress paired with the black blazer. Whether you are a fan of the color or prefer monochrome looks, you will look stunning in a fitted dress and blazer.

Style Tip: Accessorize with bold jewelry for a more exciting chic look.

III. White Shirt + Sweater + Blazer

The third look is very much an autumn favorite. Layer a white dress shirt under a sweater or a sweater vest, and throw on the black blazer. This option works well with an oversized blazer. You can spice up the look with bright, bold accessories: shoes, statement necklace, sunglasses, or a handbag.

Styling Tip: Style the shirt picking out under a sweater for extra style.

IV. Mini Skirt + Top + Blazer

The fourth option is one of my favorites: pair a mini skirt, top, and black blazer. It is on-trend, simple, yet elegant, and note-worthy. For fall looks, I would recommend wearing tights; they will add warmth and style.

Styling Tip: The look will look extra chic if the skirt is shorter than the blazer. This only works with longer blazers.

Finding The Right Fit

  • Petit Chic

If you are petite, go for a shorter, more fitted blazer. A shorter blazer will create an illusion of longer legs, making you look taller.

  • Blessed With Hips

If you are blessed with hips, think about the balancing act. Add more volume and structure to the top of your body to create symmetry. When you are styling a look, select blazers with shoulder pads, wide lapels, and structural integrity focused at the top.

  • Got Big Heart

If you are blessed with volume at the top, here too, think about the balancing tactic. When getting ready, select blazers that have narrow lapels or no lapels at all to avoid adding more volume to the top.

  • Lots of Love

If your body is an apple shape, think about blazers that are flowy and fluid. You would want to avoid blazers with rigid structural shapes as they will add more volume to your look.


Trivia Question:

Did you know that Coco Chanel preferred the black color and loved to style it for day and night?

She had a special place in her heart for the black color. Coco often styled back clothes with bold accessories like necklaces, scarfs, earrings, rings, and bows. She was not afraid of its darkness; on the contrary, she wanted to bring out its vibrant mesmerizing soul.


I hope you enjoyed this post and were able to pick up a few tips and tricks. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and do not forget to ❤️. Comments and ❤️ help to increase my blog ratings!


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