Styling Guide: How To Find The Perfect Sweater

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Who can say "no" to a cozy sweater during chilly autumn days?

Fall and winter seasons are the perfect times to evaluate your sweater collection. Cleaning out older pieces and replacing them with new can be a fun task. But simply buying a new sweater without identifying your needs/wants could produce unwanted results.

To have a productive shopping experience, one needs to have clear goals. I suggest you answer a few questions first:

  • Is your style classic or adventurous? Will you have enough styling options?

  • Do you prefer a fitted or oversized sweater? Will it flatter you?

The first set of questions focuses on practical issues. If you buy something that you liked in a store, but it does not match well with your style and wardrobe. There is a good chance you will not be wearing it more than once because your wardrobe will not have enough possibilities to style this piece.

The second set of questions focuses on your preferences. Whether you like fitted or oversized sweaters, they must work for your body. Be very careful with oversized sweaters not to add bulk to your looks. The opposite is true for a very snug sweater; they might highlight areas you don't want to emphasize.

And no matter what kind of sweater you buy, remember that there are endless possibilities to style them:

  • tuck a sweater in at the front for a polished look;

  • add a belt to create a flattering silhouette;

  • layer a sweater over a shirt or dress;

  • wear a sweater under a blazer or coat.



If you prefer a more classic look, then you have to have/get a grey sweater. It is a must-have staple item for any closet. You can dress it up with black slacks and heels or dress it down with blue jeans and sneakers. Grey sweater is the perfect white canvas that allows you to wear any piece of accessories from minimalistic to chunky.

For ladies, who prefer fitted looks, go for a thin to medium thickness materials. It will also allow for easy layering under a blazer or coat. Pair it with a maxi skirt, skinny jeans, or slacks.

If you prefer an oversized look, then I suggest pairing it with a pencil skirt or boyfriend jeans. Spice it up with high heels and a coat.



For a brave soul who likes statement pieces, select brightly colored or patterned sweaters. Pair it with skinny or boyfriend jeans, throwing in a pair of heels or sneakers. If a sweater has many different colors, try to select the rest of the outfit matching some of them.

Do's and Don'ts.

And no matter what your style is, try not to buy items with pronounced seasonal trends. This year's trends: bell sleeves and animal prints. Chances are they will not be in next season, and you will throw away/donate the item, wasting your money.

When buying a sweater, think of it as an investment in your closet:

Is it timeless? Does it flatter? Will it last?

Stripes, monochrome, navy, and grey colors are timeless and easy to style. Classic cuts and designs will last you for a few years becoming your go-to pieces. Quality matters as well - research a brand and its quality before buying its sweater.




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