Styling Guide: How To Expertly Pull Off Overalls

Overalls were never in my wardrobe until now. For me, overalls were associated with junior fashions, something a grown woman should not be wearing. But as it often happens in life, our tastes change, preferences adjust, and we tend to like the things we used to hate. Life is tricky this way.

So I got my first pair of overalls made with 100% linen, bright red color. They looked terrific paired with deep yellow marigold cropped top. I do not feel comfortable wearing cropped tops, but because overalls cover most of the front, I find it acceptable and a bit daring (for my style).

I had no prior experience wearing overalls, so I decided to explore the possibilities. To my surprise, there were many options on how to wear overalls. You can pair absolutely anything with overalls if your look has a coherent theme.

When it comes to shoes, there are endless options as well. Overalls can be paired with sneakers, trainers, heels, or sandals. For a more polished look, platform sandals, pumps, or boots will up your game. For a casual weekend look, you can always wear sneakers or trainers.

Styling Options

White button-down shirt

I love the look of the crisp white shirt paired with overalls and sneakers. It is easy, simple, stylish, comfortable, and requires little work. You can wear it to the office (on a Friday), play date, brunch, or run errands.

Tight-fitting sweater or top

If overalls are a loose or relaxed fit, it is a good idea to wear a fitting top or sweater underneath. The top will balance out the chunky casual pants look. The opposite is true for when you are wearing fitting overalls; you can experiment with volume by adding a chunky sweater.


Another great item to pair with overalls is a turtleneck. You can easily undo one strap and have an instantly fresh look.

White or Bright Tee

Adding color to a look could be a winning option. Crisp white or bright tee will add spunk to overalls bringing your look to a whole new level. And you can never go wrong with a white tee.

Blazer or Jacket

Throwing on a blazer or jacket will add dimension and complexity to casual overalls. Never underestimate the power of a good blazer.

Stylish Shoes

And never forget about shoes. A great shoe can transform any outfit into a better version of itself. Fabulous stylish pumps will immediately upgrade any look, even if it is as simple as a white tee and denim overalls. Cool sneakers will add a sporty touch to your casual outfit.


There are, of course, no rules when it comes to fashion. But if you have overalls and not sure how to style them, these simple options might inspire your imagination to take your looks to a whole new level.

And do not forget. Fashion and style are not what others wear but what you want to create and communicate to the world. Style comes from within of you, and it is as unique as you are.


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