Style Guide: How To Style And Expertly Rock A Sweater Dress

It is officially the sweater season, and there is no denying it. Here in the Bay Area, the proper fall weather comes a bit later in the season. But by the time November rolls in, the cold air and chill mornings become a reality, reminding us that Autumn is here.

With cold weather, many of us pull out sweaters, cardigans, hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweater dresses from the backs of our closets. We most likely find it easy to incorporate cardigans and dusters into our daily routine as they are cozy, warm, and easy to layer.

On the other hand, sweater dresses present a bit of a challenge. Many people like the idea of a sweater dress, but once we buy it, we are not sure how to style it. There are always questions like, what do I wear under it? What do I wear over it?

To solve this sweater-dress puzzle, we need to learn a few tricks about styling a sweater dress. The essential tricks will ensure that we are comfortable, warm, chic, and elegant no matter the situation.

Essential Basics You Must Know

Let's cover some basics:

  • First, a sweater dress must be made with quality wool, cashmere, or alternative quality materials. You do not want to find yourself freezing under your coat because the dress is made from synthetic materials that are cheap and cold (meaning a material does not retain warmth). And a quality item will last you longer saving you money and helping the planet.

  • Second, the must-have accessory is stockings. Yes, you absolutely must wear stockings with your lovely sweater dress. There are a few reasons why:

  1. Stockings will smooth over any bumps that you have under the dress, whether it is from underwear or camisole;

  2. Stockings will provide an additional layer of warmth;

  3. Stockings will polish up a look;

  4. Stockings will add dimension and character to a look.

Now that we have covered the basics, I want to chat about styling a sweater dress. There is no reason to think that a sweater dress cannot be styled in a variety of ways. Yes, one sweater dress can be worn on multiple occasions, projecting different moods and styles.

Styling Guide, Sweater Dress Edition

I will start in no particular order and share with you my favorite looks.

The Basic Chic

I like The Basic Chic option because it requires the least effort and styling. All I need are stockings, a sweater dress, sneakers, and a coat. In this case, I decided to wear a trench coat because the weather promised to be warm with a slight breeze. But you can swap the trench for a wool coat.

The Cool Girl

The Cool Girl look can be styled with Rock-and-Roll in mind. We will need stockings, a sweater dress, Dr. Martens' style boots, and a blazer or leather jacket.

The Warm Edit

The Warm Edit is about layers. We will need stockings, a sweater dress, a cardigan or sweater, a scarf, and a warm coat. For the shoes, you can go with anything you like. This look is about cozy comfort.

The Layering Guru

The Layering Guru look is trending nowadays. The idea is that you can layer sweaters, using an extra sweater as an accessory instead of a scarf. This look will get you some attention and raised eyebrows. If you are O.K. with that, you should give this outfit a try!

The Elegant Poise

One of my favorites is the Elegant Poise look. We will need stockings, a sweater dress, bold chunky jewelry, high heels, and an elegant coat. This look is highly versatile; you can comfortably spend a day in the office wearing it and be ready in seconds for happy hour drinks or dinner with a swipe of red lipstick.

So here are five looks you can try. These are simple ideas that require little time and effort yet are highly effective. I recommend investing in a great pair of stockings that will last you through fall and winter.


Style Tips:

  • layer a cami or tank top under a sweater dress for warmth

  • accessorize with a bold necklace or earrings for an extra statement

  • add a bold lipstick for dimension


Amazing Stockings

Please do not feel like I am selling you anything here, but I have to mention my favorite stockings brand - Sheertex. I bought two pairs last winter, and I am wearing the same two pairs again this season. They look like new without any snags or tears!

  • If you would like to give Sheertex a try, I have a $20 off coupon:

And the only reason I have this discount code is because I recently bought two new pairs, and the website offered me to share this coupon with my friends and family. I did not partner with Sheertex, nor did they sponsor my post.


I hope you enjoyed this "warm" autumn post. Would you mind sharing your thoughts and ideas on how to style a sweater dress? I would love to hear from you! And Happy November!


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