Style Boldly With The Perfect Handbag

"The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud." Coco Chanel.


Coco's quote cannot be more true when it comes to self-expression and style. We all are unique individuals with a distinctive sense of style, and we all express ourselves in novel ways.

For me, nothing speaks louder than shoes and purses. These two items reveal more about our style than we can imagine. Do we like bright colors, bold patterns, natural pallets, animal prints, or monotone looks?

I have written about shoes before, and you all know how I feel about them - ecstatic! So let's talk about handbags today.

A handbag is often an afterthought. It is just a tote that carries our essentials from car keys to hand sanitizer and everything in between. Very often, we forget that a bag is part of our look. We get dressed carefully, surveying what we are wearing, from earrings to shoes. Then as we run out of the door, we grab our handbag.

Did you notice something?

The handbag was an afterthought or no thought at all!

And I get it. It is hard to think of everything as we juggle our busy lives. But a handbag says so much about us. It is a window into our style and self-expression. It is the piece that ties the whole look together, adding spice, polish, and coherency to any outfit.

A bag is a powerful styling tool that can upgrade any outfit in an instant. The right bag elevates and adds character.

  • A monotone look can benefit from a contrasting handbag to spice it up.

  • A simple styling trick that pulls the look together is to match the bag's color to your shoes' color.

  • A bold, eccentric clutch can transform a simple look.

How Many Bags Do I Need?

I am not advocating for you to buy twenty unique handbags. Absolutely not! A smart collection of essential bags will do the trick.

I would start with the following basics:

  • large or midi, brown or black handbag (for year-around),

  • midi or mini, beige or light-colored crossbody bag (for summer),

  • midi or mini, colorful clutch (for events and outings).

The sizes depend entirely on your lifestyle and the number of things you need when you are out.

Where do I find time to switch bags?

I know that lives are hectic and busy, and finding extra five minutes to switch the content of one bag into another is sometimes too much to ask.

There is a useful trick to know:

Each time you get home, take out the content of your handbag. Have a place in your wardrobe, closet, drawer, or side table where you can store all the items.

The next time you are heading out, you grab THE purse. Then stop by your closet to pick up the necessary items you need.

Not only will this trick ensure that you are on your handbag A-game. But it will also guaranty your bag does not contain unnecessary items like old receipts, hundreds of lipsticks, old candy, or half-eaten cookies (in my case).

I hope you enjoyed this short read :)

See you next time,



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