stay vigilant - advertisements manipulate your desires

Have you ever thought about why you see the advertisements you see in your social feeds and internet browsers? Why specific items that you are interested in are popping up here and where? The ads are trying to entice you with sales or "latest trend" banners, so you click on them. Let me tell you that it is not a coincidence. Advertisement algorithms work "over-time" on identifying who you are and what you like. After they finish their analysis, you are tagged for some products and not the others.

Some of us are under an illusion that we are in total control and in charge of what we choose to see or buy. Wrong! You look at what is presented to you. You buy what you are instructed to buy. THEY are in control!

THEY are brands, companies, advertisement agencies, and special interests. They employ computer algorithms to track our clicks, likes, dislikes, posts, and comments to present us with interesting to us content. Perfect, you might think - I do not need to sort through millions of pages to locate what I like. No! This is precisely what they want you to think. They are narrowing your worldview and your choices. Do not be so naive as to believe that the ads that come up are for your benefit. The ads are not here for you. They are a tool in the hands of big enterprises to make more and more money for their shareholders. They need to sell their products. They do not care whether you need it, like it, or going to enjoy it.

Think about this for a second. Do you need to buy another pair of shoes a week after you just bought one? You will notice many more shoe ads as soon as you click on one. They pop up everywhere you go, slowly priming your brain to think that you need another pair of shoes.

Social media feeds add more pressure. We continuously see celebs' updates wearing the latest brands and trends. And we are, of course, want what they promote. But this is the point! They are promoting it! They are not wearing it because they want to. They are wearing it because they are paid to promote it. Most celebs have contracts with brands that they promote, wear, and advertise. Let's be smart. Let's not fall for these cheap tricks. You have a style. You have an opinion. Most importantly, you know your style and your body. Buy what makes you look and feel good, not what you just saw in your Instagram feed.

I recently clicked on a bra advertisement in my Instagram feed. And a miracle happened! Now, most of my ads are bra ads. I see WearLively, Adoreme, and ThirdLove ads constantly. I am not sure how long this will last, but it has been a month or two. From my feed history, the algorithm probably deduced that I am a female in my thirties who loves fashion. I am the perfect target. Show me ads long enough, and I will eventually cave and buy.

Sadness. We are turning into pawns who are manipulated for the benefit of big corporations. I hope my post will make you think twice next time you decided to buy a new item. Maybe think for a second to analyze why you are buying. Do you need it? Will you use it? And was it your decision or carefully placed advertisement that made you click on an item?

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