Inspiring Spring Fashions: What To Buy Right Now

Let’s talk about Spring’s hottest trends! What are the top trending pieces? What should we buy? And most importantly, what makes sense to buy?

As our lives are stabilizing, some of us are heading back to work, while others are still isolated working from home. And yet, all of us are hoping never to hear the word “zoom-site” again. Many states have opened dining, shopping, allowed to gather in public spaces and participate in sports. We are eager to get out of sweats and PJs to enjoy the colorful and exciting life outside our homes.

What Should We Wear?

I. Exciting Spring Tops & Blouses

Fun, inspiring spring tops are trending—the more elaborate, bolder, brighter, the better.

Since many of us are still heavily participate in zoom calls, our friends and co-workers only get to see the top part of our bodies. So it stands to reason that tops are vital. It can be a simple white blouse with puffed sleeves or an elegant colorful top.

I compiled a few exciting options if you are looking to add fresh pieces to your wardrobe. I focused on practical, eco-conscious, yet exciting items that spark happiness and joy. So exciting that you would want to jump into them as soon as you open your eyes.

The Key Features Of A Spring Top:

  • Fun puffy sleeves

  • Exciting patterns

  • Bold & bright colors

  • Neon color-blocking

  • Delicate embroidery

There are endless options that can fit any budget and style. Pair your top with your favorite jeans, skirt, or shorts. For a complete look, add a blazer or cardigan and swipe a rosy lipgloss across your lips. If you are heading out, grab a straw hat and a pair of sneakers.

1. Zimmermann, Luminous Ruffle Blouse

2. Amour Vert, Calla Nouveau Silk Blouse

3. Jonathan Simkhai, Evette Top

4. Madewell, Georgette Ruffle-Sleeve Peplum Top

5. Pilco, Nika Cropped Tank

6. Reformation, Pinto Top

7. Zimmermann, Botanica Wattle Blouse

8. Jonathan Simkhai, Ellen Oxford Balloon Top

9. Reformation, Cera Top

10. Maeve, Connie Henley Blouse

11. Reformation, Radish Top

12. Amour Vert Bixby Silk Blouse


II. Thrilling Accessories

Exciting accessories like statement necklaces or earrings are a must. These should be bold and big to make an impact. I highly recommend large earrings or statement necklaces. With summer around the corner, we can start buying a few items to decorate our soon-to-be-revealed necklines.

Other accessories to consider are hairpieces. Again, think about spring, fun, joy, and happiness. You can add headbands, clips, barrettes, and bobbies. A stylish cute hair friend will give an extra zest to your spring or summer look.

13, 14, 17, 18, 20. Mejuri, fine jewelry for every day

15, 16, 19. Lelet NY, modern luxury hair accessory


III. Dresses Are Fabulous

I think dresses are perfect for work from home or office. They are comfortable, easy to wear, and practical. If you are running late, all you need to do is to throw on one piece - dress! Nothing else is required.

A dress will save you time, reduce stress, and elevate your style. No longer you need to stare at your wardrobe thinking about what top to pair with what pants.

21. Sezane, Aurena Dress

22. Reformation, Michaela Dress

23. Reformation, Embry Dress

24. Anthropologie, Kensington Maxi Dress

25. Amour Vert, Jurnee Silk Dress

26. Anthropologie, Farm Rio Fiesta Wrap Maxi Dress


I hope you enjoyed all the finds! Spring and summer are almost here, and these thrilling pieces are a preview of a fantastic fashion season. Exciting marigold yellows, bright baby blues, and new patterns inspire, uplight, energize, and motivate us to move forward, adapt, and achieve new heights.


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