New York Fashion Week: Must-Know Trends, Spring 2020

Exciting! Alive! Full of Color! 2020 Spring fashion collections were filled with vibrant colors, ruffles, full skirts, flowy dresses, statement suits, tailored skirts, and drama. Each fashion house was trying to outperform the other. Go big or go home!

Let's talk about the overall trends before we dive into individual shows.

A maxi summer dress was the staple of almost every show. Intricate details, exciting patterns, and complicated embroidery made me drool over each dress that came down a runway. Most dresses were so fluid that it looked like models floated above runways like goddesses descending upon the rest of us.

Shades of blue dominated as well. From deep navy to electric baby blue, many designers featured this versatile, friendly, yet strong color. Dresses, skirts, tops, blazers, and suits showcased color's power, stability, dependance, and reliability.

Blazers were popular as well. Many designers included this transitional seasonal piece into their lineups: tailored, cropped, or loose-fitting blazers added edge and dimension to each look. Jackets were decorated with buttons, pockets, sequences, studs, belts - all beautifully sewn and designed.

Shape and structure were critical. Many designers focused on creating silhouettes with strong lines and clear boundaries. Materials were selected for their firmness and ability to hold shape to create drama.

Now, the favorite part. My favorite runway shows (these are not in any particular order).

Tom Ford.

I love the show, setting, and overall feel. I wish I could run my fingers through these garments, to touch and feel their firmness and weight, to see the stitching up close and personal. All the looks radiated strength, excitement, and innovation. How I wish I could wear at least one of them.


Different. This show struck me to be very different. Each runway look was filled with intricate details from stitching, pleats, ruffles, and embroidery, to cut - all the looks were magnificent. There was a magical feel to the show that transported me into another dimension: delicate, feminine, and romantic.

Carolina Herrera.

Chic. Fresh simple ideas that were beautifully designed and executed. This collection was timeless and chic: clean lines, flawless looks, and drama created one of a kind experience.

Marc Jacobs.

Whimsical. I loved every look from a sparkly white pantsuit to a full of drama colorful dress. The show was amazing. It was full of color, patterns, innovative designs, and fairytale. I felt I fell into another world where style, fashion, and design were an essential part of living. Sequences, textures, colors, and excitement flooded my brain as I was watching the show.

What to expect in 2020 Spring?

  • Pastel colors will definitely be the staple of 2020 Spring. Many fashion shows used pastels in their collections to bring delicate, romantic and chic looks.

  • There will also be neutral colors catering to people preferring a more minimalistic wardrobe with simple shirts, pants, and dresses.

  • Blazers and power suits will be popular. There are hundreds of possibilities to style and wear these so do not be shy. Go and find your style because blazers never go out of style.

I hope this was inspirational; it was for me.

Thanks for reading!


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