Spring 2022 Wearable Stylish Trends For Every Day

Hello, Friends!

Today is the day to chat about Spring's Stylish Trends. And yes, some of us might still be in deep Winter, but I promise the Spring will come. And we better be ready. So let's deep our toes into Spring's fresh and exciting trends to give us strength to get through the cold months.

I will focus on wearable Spring 2022 trends that are practical and attainable - fashion and styles can be worn by an everyday person with a busy work schedule and a never-ending to-do list.

Oversized Blazer

An oversized blazer is having a moment, again. Blazers have been around, but the Spring Blazer is slightly different from its predecessor.

There are a few key differences. Spring's Blazer is bigger and wide, oversized, and has large shoulder pads.

I love a great oversized Blazer as long as the fit works, and I am not swimming in the ocean of fabric. The shoulder pads are not my favorite. I can pass on large shoulder pads and stick with the smaller ones. But overall, I am excited for a Blazer to come back with a slight twist and bolder juicier colors. I love to pair blazers with fitted tops, camisoles, dresses, and skirts. A great blazer is worth every penny and elevates any look.

Cropped Top

Cropped Top is in the spotlight again. As a Blazer, a Cropped Top is here with slight modifications. They are shorter with bolder cutouts. But you have a choice and are in total control of how much skin you are willing to share.

I prefer to wear cropped tops with high-waisted jeans and skirts. If the cropped Top is more like a bralette, I throw on a cardigan or dress shirt. And of course, a blazer and cropped Top make a fabulous pair.

Wide-Leg Pants/Jeans

One of my favorite trends is wide-leg jeans or pants. I am super excited to see relaxed pants having a moment. I think they are excellent at giving any outfit dimension and style.

Wide-leg pants can be paired with a cropped top, bralette, and Blazer. One of my favorite ways to style jeans/pants is with a white t-shirt and Blazer - a classic combination that works every time.

White Dress

Another trend we are seeing is a white dress. And I think it is so fitting. The white color signifies rebirth, a fresh start, and purity. The white dress is the perfect item to get this Spring. I am defiantly on the hunt for a new maxi dress.

Dresses are flattering for all shapes and bodies. Select a style that works for you, throw on a jean jacket with sneakers and you will feel stylish, put together, and confident.

Bright Joyful Colors

And of course, since we're are talking about Spring, we cannot forget about vibrant, joyful colors. Spring fashion is about exciting color combinations, fresh ideas, and bold styles. Do not be shy and try your hand at color blocking or monochrome looks. They are fun and in the spirit of this Spring season where everyone is experimenting and not apologizing for it.

Spring '22 Wearable Trends

  • Oversized Blazer

  • Cropped Top

  • Wide-Leg Jeans

  • White Dress

  • Bold & Bright Colors

Spring '22 is promising to be exciting and adventurous. People cannot wait to get out and enjoy life again. With that excitement come bold styles and unexpected combinations that reflect people's emotions and personalities. But most importantly, remember to have fun and be yourself. No one can tell you what to wear - only you can make that choice.