Reformation Clothing Brand: Review

Reformation? Have you heard of this clothing brand? I am sure you have. Reformation has a large following and a loyal customer base. The brand is focused on sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing. After hearing a lot of good things about the brand, I decided to see for myself and order a few items. This post will cover in detail my experience and items' reviews.

About the same time as I was contemplating purchasing a few items from the Reformation site, I was having a discussion about it with my client. She decided to give this brand a try, as well.


Her goal was to find the perfect pair of jeans while I wanted a new summer dress. So I set out on our journey.


The website is well organized, offering a pleasant shopping experience. There are many choices of style, color, length, and sizes for dresses, tops, and jeans. With that many options, I was having a hard time narrowing down my final selections for the order. In the end, I settled on two different pairs of jeans for my client and a few summer dresses for myself.

As I was going through the website, I noticed a general trend: all the items are geared towards the younger generation. While jeans are generic enough, the dresses were designed for more youthful slimmer bodies. Many dresses were tight and meant for slimmer figures. Other dresses were strapless, with deep Vs, or with bare mid-rift with an intent to show off a lot of skin.

I had to pass many short dresses that revealed too much or did not provide enough bra support. I tried to select dresses that were more age-appropriate and practical. Being a mother, I regularly bend over, leap, or dart to help kids; anything too revealing or short was out of a question. I settled on several midi- and maxi-dresses.

When the box arrived, I was super excited. My client and I decided to meet at her place to open up the box and try things on. After a fun evening session, I packed up all the items and went home to think about the clothes we got.

What I liked.

Jeans were of excellent quality, design, cut, and fit. I ordered Serena High Skinny Crop jeans that fit perfectly. Unfortunately, for my petite friend, this was not the case. The skinnies she tried were not skinny enough on her calves. The high-rise jeans were going too high, creating an unflattering silhouette.

Dresses were adorable, and I have to say I see the appeal. Designs are attractive with perfect cut and fit. My issue with them was my age. I am not twenty anymore and cannot not wear a bra when I go out. I do not feel comfortable. But for people who do not have my reservations, these dresses are fantastic.

Overall, the quality and designs of many items are exceptional. If this is your style, it is worth investing in a few Reformation pieces.

What I did not like.

I ordered a polka dot Angelica top that looked adorable. My fault for not checking the material section, it was made from 100% viscose. I am not a big fan of viscose personally. Besides, even though viscose is not as bad as polyester, it is not entirely eco-friendly either.

The green Rodin wrap dress that I got for my client was having fit issues. The design and material did not work together. The midsection area was not fitting well with material bunching up around the waistline. But it was 100% linen and felt great to the touch.

And again, my main issue with all the dresses is the lack of coverage and support.


Overall, I can see why this brand has a loyal following, but my guess is they are all in their twenties. The brand is eco-friendly and uses sustainable materials/practices, which is a great plus in today's age of fast fashion. If you are in your twenties or have a perfect figure, give Reformation a try.

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