Putting On Nice Clothes Makes A Huge Difference

Style (or what we wear every day) is so very personal. It is a window into our soul, mood, and thinking. What we wear often reflects how we feel and what is happening in our lives. There are bad days, and there are fantastic days. And it is easy to tell how one's day shapes up to be just by looking at what she/he wears.

Many of us tend to wear comfy ragged clothes when something unpleasant is happing in our lives. While I understand that dressing up and putting on makeup is not a solution, getting out of PJs and putting on something nice can elevate one's spirits.

Right now, most of us have to juggle complicated lives: working from home, homeschooling children, taking care of our parents or grandparents, and trying to stay sane in the current environment.

Every day looks the same as the one before. We wake up, brush our teeth, and head into the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee. The fresh, delicious smell fills up a kitchen giving us hope of a new day. The delightful boost of energy and positive emotions propel us towards our laptops to start the day.

But wait!

Did not we forget something?

We surely did. To help us get into the working mood and ride our energy wave for as long as possible, we most definitely need to change clothes. Getting out of PJs or an old boyfriend's T-shirt is a must.

Have you ever noticed a boost of energy when you put on nice clothes?

And it does not have to be an evening gown or black-tie suit. All it needs to be is a pair of pants that can be lounge pants, joggers, jeans, or casual wide-leg pants. Pair your pants with a simple, most importantly, clean t-shirt or top. And if you will be on camera during any zoom meetings, thrown on a cardigan or blazer.

You might think that I am exaggerating. But I am not.

Clothes Improve Our Moods

According to Dr. Dawnn Karen, a fashion psychologist whose clients range from international politicians to new parents, "How you look and how you are perceived is a very real thing." Can What You Wear Affect Your Mood?

Dr. Dawnn makes a compelling argument that the clothes that we wear affect our moods. Think about your life when you needed to dress up for a professional lunch or head out to see your friends for a Friday night dinner.

Did not you feel energized and excited about the upcoming event?

"I've been really honing in on the mood enhancement stress theory…dress to optimize my mood. Prints and silk make me feel good, so I've been wearing kimonos." Dr. Dawnn Karen, Can What You Wear Affect Your Mood?

Find What Works For You

There are no wrong answers, but the truth is what we wear does affect how we feel. Find your perfect pair of pants, tops, or kimonos to wear around the house. Dressing up does not require much effort, but it carries with it lots of benefits.

So next time when you think about spending a day wearing sloppy clothes or PJs, think about the toll it might take on your day. Right now, we need all the energy and positive thinking that we can get. Do not cut yourself short just cause we are working from home and no one can see your old ragged clothes. I bet you that a shower and a clean (or even new) pair of pants and a cardigan will significantly improve your mood.

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