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I am the mother of two lovely children. With age and childbearing experience, my body changed a lot. I can no longer wear everything I like on a manikin. I have to critically examine each piece to make sure it does not highlight the areas I want to hide. These days proper FIT is everything for me. If I pay attention to the FIT, I look fabulous and no one can tell that I am a mother.

FIT is important because it can ruin even the most stylish and carefully assembled outfit. Hem lines can disrupt the flow and create odd looking ensembles. An item of a wrong size can present you as sloppy and draw attention to troublesome places. You need to think critically when you review your look in a mirror. A properly fitted outfit will add confidence and lift your spirits.

First, ignore sizes that are marked on garments. Each brand has its own sizing and even within the same brand items of the same size can fit differently. You can be size 2, 4, or 6 at various stores. Instead of trying to buy a size, buy a properly fitting garment. Measure yourself or have someone help you and go off these measurements instead off a single number.

Second, when try on clothing, fit your widest body part first. If necessary you can always take in the extra material, but you can never add.

Let's start with tops:

- Tops' length is critical as it is responsible for making a polished look. Top's hem line should hit mid hip to create a nice balanced look. It also helps create elongated leg (photo illustration - desired top length);

- Another mistake that I see often is when a top gaps around the bust line. That should NEVER happen! Nothing else is more destructing and damaging to the look;

- When you are trying a top on, bend over and check that you are properly covered. This is especially important when you are buying a work item. If you are not covered but still would like this item, then get a cami;

- Long sleeves should be stopping right at your wrist. Sleeves that are too short or too long will create an odd look. Also, sleeves of any garment should start at the shoulder (photo illustration - sleeves end right at the wrists and shoulders are properly fitted);

- Another common mistake is extra material around an underarm area. When you are trying a piece on, place your hands straight down and see whether you have any access material around an armpit area (photo illustration - no bulging around underarm area).

* (featured in the above photo: Lou & Grey Warming Knit Top with Level 99 Jeans).

Moving on to undergarments. Bras HAVE to fit properly. Just because you cannot see it (most of the time) does not mean you can neglect it. Incorrectly fitted bra can create unattractive bulges and unpolished look.

- A bra should be snug. When trying one on, make sure that you are on the loosest hook. Bras tend to stretch with time, but this way, you will have room to tighten it up;

- However, a bra should not be too tight. No skin should be squeezed out at the back or underarm (photo illustration - bra lines are barely noticeable);

- A cup should contain you with no bulging out.

Good pair of pants or jeans can be hard to find. I suggest you try as many pants as you can and after finding a brand that works for your budget, body, and style stick to it.

- Any waistline should be tight but not too tight to create a muffin top. If pants are squeezing your flash out, get a bigger size. Good rule is you should be able to fit 2 fingers between you and a waistband (photo illustration - no muffin top!);

- For jeans, keep in mind that they stretch. I suggest you get a pair and wear them at home for half a day. if you are still satisfied with the fit, keep them;

- Pants length depends on the style. Skinny jeans or pants that get narrower at the bottom, should hit right above or below the ankle. Straight cut and bootleg should cover your shoe but not drag on the ground;

- When trying pants on, pay attention to the crotch area, too much fabric - wrong fit.

Now to my favorite subject - dresses! There are so many styles, cuts, lengths, shapes, and materials that I can have endless possibilities. I can create a soft girly look or go for a strong reserved one.

- The rules from the Tops Section apply here as well;

- In addition, pay attention to the waistline. Fit it first. Make sure it is in the right place and try bending side to side to make sure you are comfortable.

* (featured in the photo: Allsaints dress).

I think this a good start and I hope it helps to create a general set of rules that guides you while you shop next time. I will discuss how to buy staple items in my next post.

Break a leg,


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