Practicing Social Distancing & Working From Home: Here is What To Wear And Why.

Are you working remotely from home? Do you struggle with the pressing question of what to wear? Do you end up wearing PJs most of the day?

I know how tempting it is to wear PJs. Recently, like many others in the country, I was told to work from home. Never before was I allowed to work from home for an extended period. All my prior experiences were limited to a few days, and even then, I would have errands to run or meetings to attend. Point being, I had never had a working day when I did not have to dress up. Wearing PJs and loungewear was not even a remote possibility.

Now, though, I face a pressing question of what to wear while I stay indoors all day long. I can wear whatever I want, and no one will be wiser.

In my pre-corona life, I loved to dress up for work wearing dresses, skirts, bold tops, and heels. But these were the times of meeting people and heading into the office. Now, all of that is nonexistent.

What I realized is a temptation to wear PJs or loungewear is real. It is so simple to skip the step of dressing up, especially now that I do not have to. But is it smart?

  • First of all, when I wear PJs, my brain instantly thinks that I am heading to bed or rest. It goes into an idle state almost automatically. However, since I need to work and be at the top of my game, I cannot afford to be checked out.

  • Second, when I wear PJs, I feel like I am an unorganized, sloppy, and unfocused self. I want to cut corners and rush through projects to get them done. This is also not ideal for work.

  • Third, getting dressed in fresh, clean clothing makes me feel energized, happy, upbeat, and motivated. Wearing PJs, on the other hand, puts me into a different mood of dread, dullness, and boredom.

So here is what I think. Wearing PJs all day long when you work from home is a bad idea. There are enough challenges that we face when we work from home: house chores, a TV remote, a fridge with favorite foods, a full laundry basket, and so on.

Staying sharp is hard already, so let's help our brains to wake up and stay focused throughout a day. And I am not saying wearing a suit or a formal dress. But at the very least, wear jeans or jogger pants with a clean t-shirt, a bold shirt, a colorful sweater or tank top with a cardigan. Also, I'd add a touch of makeup and earrings.

And yes, we all have a different definition of business casual, but try to wear something close to what you would wear to the office. I promise it will make you feel more confident, sharp, and ready for anything that comes your way.

Here are some options:

Everlane's Leggings
Amour Vert's Joggers
Madewell's Top
Everlane's Top
Madewell's Top
Everlane's Top
Amour Vert's Cropped Cardigan
Amour Vert's Sweater

Stay healthy,


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