Polished Look Every Time: Five Simple Rules

Simple Polished Look

Creating a polished look, no matter a personal style is an easy endeavor if you know a few tricks. If you want to learn the essential rules, please continue reading this post. I will go over the basics ideas that everyone needs to know to look good no matter what.

Sometimes I wonder why we cut ourselves short. Very often, I see people wear jeans that do not fit, a t-shirt that is stretched out, a dress that does not flatter. And I am not talking about wearing designer clothing. No. I am talking about the essential everyday clothing that can be worn well. There are simple tricks to master to look good every time.

I understand the pressures of today's life and not having enough time to do everything. I sometimes have no energy or desire to dress. What saves me is a great basic wardrobe and a few styling tricks - I will share it ALL with you.


Let's discuss how to create a fantastic essential wardrobe. The process might hurt a little but only at the beginning.

I do not keep clothes that I wore seven to ten years ago. Our bodies change, and with that, we need to update our closets. There are, of course, timeless items you can continue wearing (if they properly fit) like a wrap dress, favorite boyfriend jeans, LBD, or a maxi skirt. But many other items must be replaced.

I do not want to hear the excuse: I do not have time to shop. Shopping is online now, and most places offer free shipping & returns. You can order at any time of a day or night, as many things as you want. Try them on with other items you have and ONLY keep what you love.

When you set out on a journey, to buy new wardrobe items, do not think that you have to replace everything at once. You can start by adding a few essential things that are missing from your closet. If you love to wear jeans and a t-shirt, make sure you have a white T-shirt, a white shirt, business casual jacket, trench coat, and a blazer. Do not get a new pair of jeans just because you liked them or get another graphic t-shirt.

Classic White T-shirt & Jeans

I hope you see where I am going with this: get an item or items that are missing from your wardrobe rotation instead of buying similar or unnecessary pieces. If you need more guidance on creating the essential wardrobe, check out my post on Capsule Wardrobe.


Now let's turn to FIT. Fit is a critical part of any polished look. How do I make sure that clothes fit well? I follow these simple rules:

  • Shoulder Fit: Any garment must fit your shoulders well. Pay attention when you are putting a top or a dress on. Does the shoulder line goes too far down, or is it not long enough for you?

  • Armhole Cut/Fit: This is a very tricky part of any garment. A wrong armhole cut will ruin any dress. Pay close attention to an armhole to spot any bunchiness or strain.

  • Sleeve Fit: The length of a sleeve should not pass the base of your wrist.

  • Waistline Fit: To ensure the proper fit, you need to consider the size of your waist. A small waistline allows you to wear any skirt/dress. If, however, your waistline is not as thin as you would like, avoid frills and voluminous skirts/dress - stick to simple straight lines.

The above-listed points are essential to know. Whether you are buying a new item or trying on your current garment, the fit must be right. If it is not, your best bet is to donate an item.

Here are a few additional things to consider based on your body type:

  1. Petite Ladies: If you are petite, stick to short dresses and skirts, above the knees. Pants must be cropped to create an elongated look. You need to avoid boxy tops/sweaters and select cropped tops/jackets.

  2. Curvy Ladies: If you are a little bit heavier in complexion, stick to tops with V-necklines and high A-line dresses. You can also add padding to the shoulders to create a more balanced look. Also, avoid frills and bulky items.


Do not save on quality. If you buy cheaper items, you will pay dearly. Your looks will be at best O.K., and you will never be able to achieve a WOW factor. Quality items, on the other hand, elevate any look to the next level. Quality is seen miles away because a garment sits better, it has an impressive design, it lasts longer, and it fits better. Invest in quality pieces that will last you years.

An easy way to ensure that you are not wasting money is to stop shopping fast-fashion items. I avoid stores like Zara, H&M, and the like: the stores that pump out new lines each week. The sheer volume of the production is harmful to our environment and dangerous to our wallets. I regularly research new eco-friendly brands. Environment-conscious items tend to be of better quality and offer many exciting designs and fresh takes on style.


Another critical point is simplicity. A simple dress can be dressed up in many different ways. Do not be upset that you can only afford to buy one well-crafted dress. Pick black or navy dress and then jazz it up with various accessories based on an occasion: necklaces, earrings, belts, purses, jackets, cardigans. I hope you got the idea: any basic item has endless possibilities.

Simple Is The Best


I feel like I have to talk about shoes because, in the Bay Area, most of what I see is flip flops. Flip flops here are the go-to option when one gets dressed. So we have to talk about shoes!

Shoes are amazing, and today, there are endless options from recycled sneakers & flats to redesigned comfort heels that you can wear all day. They all come in many styles, colors, patterns, and are amazingly comfortable. Please do not cut yourself short, and check out what the shoe market has to offer.

Shoes: Endless Options

A good pair of shoes will make your outfit stand out even more. Colorful shoes can add a pop of contrasting color or create an edgy look. You can wear jeans with patterned flats or heels. A classic dress can be jazzed up with stylish sneakers or colorful heels — I plea to you to give it a try.

I have shared with you the tricks that I use in my daily life. I hope you find these ideas helpful and maybe can give a few of them a try. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at stylewithabi@gmail.com or IG @style_with_abi.

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