PACT, Eco-Friendly Brand: Review

Recently my friend suggested I try the PACT brand. I have never heard of them or saw any advertisements, so I got curious. I quickly found its website and ordered a few essential items. I received my order and tried everything on, and here is my review of the brand and its clothing.


PACT is based in Boulder, CO. The brand focuses on sustainable, eco-friendly clothing that is comfortable, soft, practical, and earth-friendly. The goal is to provide the most fantastic cotton items and do not feel guilty in the process. The brand uses only certified cotton while also avoids harsh chemicals and pesticides.

PACT wants to make sure that every client loves what he/she orders, and offers easy, quick, & free returns. Every item I got is well crafted and beautifully designed. I wanted to keep them all.

PACT offers clothes for men, women, babies, kids as well as bed & bath items.


PACT's website was easy to navigate, and I was able to order what I liked in my size. After I paid, I got a lovely email notifying me how much water I saved. 167 Gallons! Amazing! After the payment, it took about a week and a half to get my package.

I was excited to open the bag and check out all the items.

Smooth Cup Bralette.

This was a lovely soft bralette with a beautiful pattern and lace. I loved it! It is delicate, well crafted, and joy to wear - a keeper! I ordered the size small, and it fitted well; true to size. It is priced at $30, which is a fantastic deal for such high quality and beautiful design. Water saved: 11.8 gallons.

Shelf Bra Camisole.

The basic tank top was soft to the touch. Very nice for a practical undergarment piece in pastel blue color. The item is a great basic that deserves a spot in your wardrobe. I ordered the size small, and it was tight. If you prefer a looser fit, size up. It is priced at $18, which is more than reasonable for such quality. Water saved: 15.8 Gallons.

Sleeveless Drawstring Dress.

The dress was my favorite! Surprising I did not expect much from the dress and was not even excited to try it on as I thought it would look cheap. Oh boy, was I wrong! This is a classic black dress which is so comfy and practical. I can see myself in this dress running errands, attending birthday parties, or going to a playground. Too bad PACT has only two colors for this dress. I am keeping this dress at the well-deserved price of $45. Water saved: 188.4 Gallons.

Kids, leggings & t-shirt.

Children's items were bright colored and excellent quality. I was a little bit concerned with the thinness of the items. It felt like leggings would not survive after a few wears because my kid is always on her knees. They are priced at $9 for the t-shirt and $12 for the leggings. Water saved: 12.5 & 16.6 gallons, respectively.


I admire PACT for investing in sustainable materials and manufacturing processes while maintaining exciting designs. It is so hard to find the right quality garments that are reasonably priced and joy to wear. Many items from cheap to high-end are made from polyester blends or rayon. And even when I find great sustainable brands, many are expensive or have poor designs.

PACT is all about comfort! All the items that I saw and ordered are very laid-back and comfy perfect for casual or weekend outing.

The brand creates fantastic essential items that come without annoying tags! Yes, no tags. It is so lovely to try on clothing with no tags which most of the time tangle in garments and scratch my skin. Love it!

PACT is the company to watch. I cannot wait to see more items in various colors and prints! I highly recommend you trying PACT next time you need any basics. These worth the money and any item will make you look and feel good.




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