October Favorites: These Worth A Try

Hello, everyone!

Whenever I sit down to capture my favorites for the current month, I cannot believe that a whole month has already gone by. How is it that we are in November with Thanksgiving quickly approaching? I cannot believe it.

It is the first of November, and it is time to chat about my October favorites. As you know, with these posts, I include items that I loved in the past month, things that wowed me, items that I worn or used day after day. In short, these are the items that I do not regret buying.


Let's start with makeup. I have two items for this category, and they are both for eyebrows.

  • Brow Pencil

The first item is Anastasia's Brow Definer that I received from Sephora in a sample size. I was very skeptical at first. I was not sure about the pencil's color, applicator's thickness, and application. The first time I applied it, my brows were so thick and massive. If you looked at me at that moment, you would only see brows on my face.

After a few trials and errors, I figured out how my brows should look. Now I start with lightly outlining my brows. Then I lightly fill them in. I am constantly using a spoolie on the other end to brush the product through my brows. It took me about a week of doing my brows daily to figure out what I liked. And now I cannot stop using it.

  • Brow Setter Gel

The next step and the next October favorite is the brow-setting gel. After I fill in brows, I apply Benefit's Brow Setter Gel to ensure my hairs do not move. I do not know why it took me so long to try the brow get, but now I am hooked. My brows look impeccable all day long through workouts, hard days, or hectic events.


  • Tights

The next October favorite is Sheertex tights. It is fall, and with cooler weather, tights are necessary and the perfect excuse to add dimension to my looks. Sheertex tights are excellent in quality, durability, and style. I have two pairs that I bought last year, and they still look new. These tights are made for walking, running, simply living, and not worrying about snagging or ripping. Yes, they are not the cheapest tights on the market, but you will wear them for years. I think the price tag is worth it.


  • Jeans

Let's move on to clothes. I have recently purchased a new pair of AYR skinny jeans: The Chiller. I love them! They are comfortable, chic, and easy to style. I pair them with tops, sweaters, blazers, sneakers, or heels. These jeans are highly versatile, and I can quickly transform my look from casual to evening chic by adding heels and a blazer.

  • Wool Duster

Another all-time all-fall favorite is Closed's Grey Duster (I could not find a link). It is the warmest, coziest duster you will ever find. I like it for how it drapes, for its thickness, for its versatility, and style. It has buttons which is a massive plus in my book. I do not understand cardigans without buttons. These are clothes designed for colder weather. How could it be that some do not have buttons?


I hope you enjoyed my October Favorites. Please share yours, and don't forget to ❤️.



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