Notorious R.B.G. Inspires Fashion Trends While Fighting For Justice and Social Change

One would expect the Supreme Court to have no influence on fashion. But yet, it does. Yes, you heard it right. The Highest Court in the United States inspires fashion trends and various merchandise. Mainly, there is one judge who is always in a spotlight — Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Notorious R.B.G. is known for her progressive views, forceful dissents, relatable comments, and the life-long battle for women’s rights. She is feisty, brilliant, and witty. Ginsburg is the only Supreme Court Judge who has an active fan following. Books, movies, merchandise, and blogs are dedicated to her life and career. But R.B.G. has left her mark not only on critical social and legal issues but also on fashion trends.

Ginsburg’s fashion style is exciting. She knows how to stand out in a crowd, yet her looks are always grounded without unnecessary fanfare. Her go-to items include fishnet gloves, clip-on earrings, glasses, rings, robe or blazer, and, most famously, collars.

The Trendsetter.

She is the second female justice who was confirmed to join the U.S. Supreme Court following Sandra Day O’Connor.

Female justices’ attire is no different than men’s. It is an oversized black robe that hides most of the justices’ bodies from the view. The gown is meant to be unifying, presenting judges as one unit which operates not based on personal believes but laws.

The standard robe has a cutout for men’s collars and ties to pick out. Female judges wanted to give the dull black gown a touch of life and have started to accessories it with white collars. The first time Ginsburg wore a white collar was for her first Supreme Court portrait.

Later Ginsburg expanded on the white-collar idea by wearing a wide range of collars. Her collection, thanks in large to her fans, is wast, and it includes a “wide array of styles ranging from simple half-circles of fabric or lace to elaborately beaded and jeweled affairs.”, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Collars.

Meanings Behind R.B.G.’s Collars.

But Ginsburg’s collars are not merely a fashion indulgence; they are statements with clear messages.

“There is her favorite “majority” collar (an embellished gold jabot with tiny, delicate pendants) and her “dissenting” collar, for example, which instantly telegraph Ginsburg’s opinions (to those court observers fluent in “Ruth”) before a single word can be uttered.”, Ruth Bader Ginsburg Collars.

R.B.G.’s collars communicate the judge’s opinion and draw attention to an individual wearing it. It goes against the idea that Supreme Court judges speak with one voice. Ginsburg is again challenging the status quo by showing that each person matters. We all deserve to be heard, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, faith, or nationality.

Ginsburg’s love for collars inspired many of her fans to make or buy similar ones. Also, dedicated fans send her specially made collars from all over the world. Judge’s favorite jabot is a simple beaded white collar from Cape Town, South Africa.

Majority Opinion Collar
Disapproval Collar
Dissenting Opinion Collar

R.B.G.’s Unique Style.

Ginsburg’s style while on the bench includes bold clip-on earrings. Her hair is always away from her face, carefully tied at the back. During her earlier years, the judge wore large round glasses. But recently, they were replaced with smaller, more rectangular frames.

R.B.G.’s style off the bench is more exciting. She wears classic cut pieces that have bold patterns, beautiful embroidery, or a mix of bright colors. Most of the time, she pairs her stylish blazers with neutral-colored pants. After her cancer treatment, Ginsburg also started to wear fishnet gloves.

Ginsburg’s style at the gym also deserves mentioning. The judge works out with her coach twice a week and is known to bench twenty push-ups. In her clothing choices, we can spot a humorous side of the judge. One of the photos from her working out sessions shows R.B.G. wearing a sweatshirt with words “SUPER DIVA!” written across.

Notorious R.B.G. is more than a supreme court judge; she is an icon, the force of change, and inspiration. Ginsburg’s fans adore the judge for her hard work, stamina, bravery, and bold fashion statements. On or off the bench, R.B.G. energizes her fans to fight for change one step at a time while wearing pieces that give them confidence.


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