The Perfect Pant Does Not Exist

Everyday fundamental pant is my goal, my dream, and my never-ending search.

My dream pant is an elegant, wide-leg in a subtle print from light but structured material that sits impeccably on hips with enough room to move effortlessly.

It sounds simple enough, yet I cannot find a single pair that checks off all the boxes. I want a quality material, impeccable design, justified price tag, and most importantly, no bagginess behind the thighs.

I am talking about elegant, timeless pants that create sophisticated looks, not tights, jeans, or leggings. I want pants that convey style and poise.

My Quest

I have been searching for years for the perfect pant. When I was young, I used to wear polyester pants that are stretchy and sit snug around my backside. They never stretched, expertly presenting my assets to the world.

As I got older, I decided to drift away from synthetic materials and cheap fast fashion. I wanted to create an elegant wardrobe filled with timeless items made of sustainable fabrics with impeccable designs, as much as my budget could afford that.

The first step I took is to stop shopping at stores like Zara, H&M, and other similar fast fashion brands. That, in turn, meant that I had to say goodbye to most of the items in my closet including my stretchy polyester pants.

Weeding out the "bad" guys was an easy task. Finding the new "heroes" proved to be a little bit tricker. I needed to balance out the price, quality, care, and material. I experimented with new brands, sustainable labels, and the latest eco-friendly materials on the market.

This was a fun journey as I now had the perfect excuse to shop around trying-on endless items that came to my door.

Through this transfer, I've never stopped looking for the perfect pant. The pant that will not stretch around my thighs, creating unflattering wrinkles and air pockets of stretched fabric. The pants that give confidence and convey sophistication proving to be an essential part of my wardrobe.

Many well-established brands that I liked could not offer me the perfect pant. I tried many different cuts, materials, designs, and lengths. Every time I would order, I would have such high hopes. And each time, they would be crashed the second I sit down.

Disappointing, I thought to myself time after time.


My biggest concern was the stretch that happens when I sit. The unflattering shape of my behind gives me chills. I feel uncomfortable and insecure.

I know it might sound silly, but I genuinely hate the stretched-out bagginess that indicates sloppiness and unprofessionalism.

I could stand all day.

My other concerns focused on the material, construction, care, and practicality. I could not afford pants made of delicate materials for the fear that I will pull them (like silk, which is also expensive). I did not want to wear polyester fabrics either. And natural fibers presented challenges like stretching, performance, and presentation (like cotton and linen).

Maybe I ask for too much.

An Elegant Solution

It has been years now, and I am still no closer to finding my perfect pants. And while I am not giving up, I found a temporary solution to my perfect pant predicament - a skirt.

I decided to wear more skirts and dresses to avoid wearing jeans day after day. Skirts are the best partner one can have. They provide freedom of movement, add a feminine touch, offer endless styling possibilities, and most importantly, show the world that you enjoy being a woman.

I have a few skirts that I have had for years now and still enjoy wearing them. My full-length pleated black skirt is classic, stylish, and so very practical. Every time I put it on, I feel I am floating on a cloud surrounded by elegance and timeless style. The second best is a multi-colored A-line skirt that offers drama and uniqueness, giving me a boost of energy and confidence.

Even though my elegant solution to my perfect pants trouble is fantastic, I still one day would like to find that perfect pair of pants. The pants that feel and look like a million bucks without breaking my bank or letting me down after a few hours of sitting in a chair.


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