My Go-To Uniforms When I Lack Imagination

It might be hard to believe, especially if you are not into clothes, but clothes have the power to change moods and uplift spirits. When I create the most straightforward look of wide-leg jeans, a crisp white tee, and colorful pumps or white sneakers, I immediately transform into a happier version of myself. I feel more confident, capable, and energetic. Seeing myself in a mirror, fully dressed and ready to face a day, hits me with adrenaline and satisfaction. Like a fresh croissant and wonderfully strong cup of a fresh brew do. Mmmmm.

But sometimes, we do not have the energy or time to put together a lovely outfit. And for the days like these, I believe it is best to establish pre-planned and ready-to-go uniform options. Having a pre-planned set of clothes will alleviate the morning stress. And a selected outfit will surely make you feel more confident and in control, giving you the energy to face the day.

I will share the ready-to-go uniforms that I wear when short on time and inspiration.

Simple Chic: Shirt and wide-leg jeans or pants

The best fool-proof look that will forever be in my rotation is a white t-shirt, wide-leg jeans, and sneakers. I adore this look for its simplicity and versatility.

I throw on a blazer, cardigan, or trench if it is cold. I instantly get a "face-lift," confidence boost, and energy to face the day.

Polished Cool: T-shirt and skinny jeans

Another similar option but slightly more polished is a white shirt, cropped skinny jeans, and pumps. This is the perfect look for a cocktail hour, work dinner, or date.

I add an oversized black blazer, a slick handbag, and a few accessories like rings, earrings, and necklaces for more dimension.

Feeling-Girly-On-A-Sunday-Morning: Layered dress

For a lovely Sunday brunch or picnic in a park, I want to get out of jeans and jump into a beautiful summer dress. I have a few go-to dresses that put me in the best of spirits.

I like to throw on a cardigan or jean jacket for cooler mornings. And the options are endless when it comes to shoes, from sandals to platforms to sneakers. You cannot go wrong!


If my options do not work for you, create a few looks that work for your lifestyle. It is vital to have a few staples looks that will support you, give you energy, provide confidence, and make you smile. And maybe you will notice that your day gets a little brighter when you put these on.