Milan Fashion Week: Must-Know Trends, Spring 2020

Milan Fashion Week ("MFW") is beyond exciting. The most known and influential designer houses present at MFW. Their collections are astonishing and fascinating, simple and yet sophisticated, within reach and yet untenable. Let's review a few runways and focus on highlights.


Prada struck me with its bold pattern combinations, colors, and simplicity. Most models could walk out of the building and join the street without anyone even noticing they came from the runway. Coats, blazers, dresses, and tops were designed for an everyday woman (woman who lives in Milan that is). The collection was filled with muted colors, browns, blacks, and navy with a few bright pieces mixed in. I spotted a few metallics and silk touches.

Emporio Armani.

Emporio Armani truly hit the spring spirit with light pastel materials that draped wonderfully around bodies. Clothing was light, breezy, delightful, and fun to look at. Sheemery dresses and pant radiated spring freshness. The colors reminded of an ocean with blues, navy, greens, silver, and aqua tones. I loved it.

Alberta Ferretti.

Alberta Ferretti's collection was lively, filled with orange, brown, and pink colors. My favorite were hats! It is so hard to find a flattering yet practical hat, and these are it! The collection's colors were muted with calming pallets and a few pinkish/purple pieces. Many looks featured high wasted pants and shorts - very practical without much drama.


Etro had a very wearable collection without much fanfare. You have again muted natural tones mixed in with exciting patterns. Each look featured lots of detail, layers, patterns, belts, fringe, and embroidery. There is so much detail that it is impossible to grasp it all at a first site. At the end of the show, there was a lineup of comfortable pants & shirts combinations. Simple yet chic!


  • Pastel Colors: there is a strong accent on pastel colors in many collections;

  • Neutral Colors: neutral colors like brown, white, black, beige, and nude dominated the runways;

  • Blazers/Suits: blazers are not going away, so stock up;

  • Flowy Looks: flowy dresses and skirts will be staples come Spring 2020.

I hope you enjoyed my short summary,


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