London Fashion Week: Must-Know Trends, Spring 2020

London Fashion Week ("LFW") continues the fashion parade following New York Fashion Week ("NYFW"). This is a frilling and exciting time to follow fashion around the world because each country presents a slightly different view of the Spring 2020 trends. The UK based designers have a unique perspective, given the country's rich history and melting-pot like culture. I will take a look at four designers and discuss overall fashion trends.

I cannot possibly mention all the designers that showcased their works, but if you are curious, please check out LondonFashionWeek site.

A.W.A.K.E. Mode

A.W.A.K.E. Mode's collection was exquisite with lots of neutral earthy tones and a hint of color. Most of the looks rocked separates with clean, simple designs and lots of structure. The collection was feminine yet full of power and strength that radiated from impeccably tailored, elegant, and chic looks. There were also tube tops and dresses as well as off-the-shoulder action.


Erdem's show, on the other hand, was pure drama presenting luxurious materials, intricate designs, layers, grand ruffles, and never-ending flower prints. Each look was a beautiful complex ensemble that included scarfs, hats, gloves, and extra-long sleeves. Erdem successfully created an alternative universe where risky combinations transform into beauty and where prints and patterns work together creating unforgettable visions.

David Koma

David Koma's show celebrated a woman's body, curves, and strength. Each piece was carefully tailored, perfectly fitted, creating sexy, powerful looks. The mostly black and white catwalk was filled with luxurious dresses showing asymmetrical hems, cutouts, fringe, and sequences. Two looks featured yellow-gold-orange material with a satin finish (I cannot even describe that color), and there were beyond gorgeous.

Huishan Zhang

Huishan Zhang collection was pure elegance. I wanted them all! They were romantic, classic, timeless, and chic. Most of the pieces were in neutral earthy tones accented with feathers, sequence, and ruffles. Every look was practical yet very stylish with a subtle feel of richness and luxury.


LFW presented a wide variety of styles, trends, and ideas for Spring 2020. I adored many collections, finding them very elegant and attention-worthy. Let's focus on a few overall trends.

  • Earthy natural tones dominated many runways catering to people who prefer clean, straightforward design and versatility.

  • Pastel colors were used more often than neons fitting better with the earthy calm tones.

  • Prints were popular as well creating more drama and unforgettable runway looks.

  • Layers in the form of jackets, coats, and blazers were seen throughout many collections.



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