LIVELY, Lingerie Brand: Review

For me, it has always been a challenge to buy a bra. I want comfort, style, design, and quality - all in one. Many brands deliver on a few requirements while ignoring others. For example, many Victoria's Secret bras are uncomfortable while showing off a gorgeous design. Some comfortable bras, on the other hand, come with dull designs. This was my problem throughout my twenties. I have tried many brands and was lucky enough to find my favorite brand - Marie Jo.

Nowadays, many new brands promise uncompromised comfort and great designs. I have not tried any of them. When one of my friends asked me for advice about bras, I was happy to share information about my trusted brand. However, I felt a little uncomfortable suggesting my friend spend that much money on my recommendation. So, I decided to experiment with different, new to me, brands, and I am starting with the brand LIVELY.

LIVELY was started by Michelle Cordeiro Grant, who previously worked for Victoria's Secret brand. Michelle wanted to reinvent lingerie to create comfortable and sexy wear for women of all types and shapes. She decided to focus on creating beautiful items that empowered women while offering reasonably priced pieces.

LIVELY's goal is to be the brand that redefines comfortable lingerie. It is working diligently with its partners to create the most comfortable bras, and to ensure that each bra style stays feminine and chic. Quality, comfort, and design are the focus of the LIVELY brand.

I was very excited to try LIVELY. I ordered my regular size in many different styles. (In retrospect, I should have ordered different sizes).

Lively's awesome pieces.

The red bralette was my favorite of all. The fit, shape, and design are fantastic. I ordered it in red, which is a perfect fire red color. The material was very soft to the touch. The bralette is a statement piece that surely provides comfort and gives confidence.

This push-up bra was my second favorite. The design and craftsmanship are beautiful, and it is the perfect staple item to have. I ordered it in my regular size, and I have to say that there was a little bit of gapping. Next time, I will order various sizes to find the best fit.

I am sad to say that this one is not for me. I order two sizes XS and S, and both sizes were not flattering. XS size was too small, creating skin rolls; while, S size felt to me a little bit loose and unsecured. I also did not like the shape the bra was creating.

This bra is charming, but sadly, it did not fit me at all. The cups were way too big for me. The lace design is beautiful, and I encourage you to get different sizes when you order this style.

The all-day bralette is also high on my list. It is VERY soft with a full-wide band that offers excellent support. I will have to order a few different sizes to get the proper fit.

I have wanted to buy a body suit for some time now. I got this one in black, size small. As much as I wanted to love it, it was just O.K. I was not impressed with the fit or the shape it created.

I did not know that LIVELY offers swimsuits; but, once I noticed one piece suits, I had to order one. I picked up a one piece in the navy color that looked stunning. The design is beautiful and creates flattering lines/shapes. I highly recommend trying it out.


Overall I think LIVELY is terrific. The price that one has to pay for their comfy and adorable things is fantastic. And I know that the fit is everything when it comes to bras, so I suggest you order a few sizes of various styles. I hope you will be able to find your favorite look & feel. Also, check out The Fit Guide that LIVELY offers to better understand what the right fit is.

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ThirdLove is next on my list.



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