life demands sneakers

Let's face reality. Sort of. When we are young, we are wearing different types of shoes than when we are in our thirties and have children. In my other life, when I was a young single woman, I loved to wear high heels. Spending all day wearing stilettos was an easy task since I spent most of that time sitting in my office chair. Helps, right? The arrival of my two little monsters changed everything. Nowadays, I wish I were chilling in a chair. I am always running around catching children, falling objects, or tripping over toys. I can no longer sport four 1/2-inch heels. I do wear 3-inch heels when going to the office, but whenever I am with my monsters, I opt out for a pair of flats or sneakers.

I do prefer sneakers over flats, mostly because of the comfort. My feet do not get tired as much and do feel more secure. The problem with sneakers though that not all of them look good with a skirt or a dress. For this summer season, I decided to get a new pair of sneakers that can compliment a dress look. Let's take a look at what I found.

Here is what I got:

New Balance - FuelCore NERGIZE (Color: Black/White)

Taos Footwear - Star (Color: Red/Blue Peace)

Taos Footwear - Star (Color: Grey Wash Canvas)

Teva - Freewheel Washed Canvas (Color: Desert Sage)

New Balance. These are super light and comfortable, but they do look very sporty. As you can see, they do O.K. with a black dress but do not do so well with the summer dress. Although, these are an excellent weekend pair to wear with jeans or shorts.

Taos. I got two pairs in the same style but different prints. Grey sneakers are a perfect color that does not add anything to an outfit and, at the same time, does not take anything from it. These are an ideal shoe that will go with almost anything; most people would not even notice them.

Red print Taos are edgy and fun. They add to the outfit and make the look more interesting. I am keeping them. I will wear them with jeans or dresses. Because they have a white base, they can complement most of my outfits. The pattern and colors add an extra edge.

Teva. These sage color sneakers are very similar to grey Taos. They add nothing to the outfit but also do not ruin it. These are perfect for every day and will make a solid addition to any look. I can see myself wearing these for every casual occasion.

The choice is clear - Taos Red Print. I love how they fit and feel. The pattern is a nice touch that will add edge to any outfit. I've never had Taos before so I looked up a little bit of info about it. The brand was founded in 2005. Their motto is to create comfortable and stylish footwear. The shoes are designed in Southern California and produced around the world.

"Innovative comfort technologies like Curves & Pods® design, an orthotic–friendly removable footbed that contours to hug the foot and provide shock absorption at every step, or Cool Recovery Foam®, a memory foam footbed with proprietary gel for lasting cooling comfort, are some of the ways we continue to broaden our appeal to devoted fans."

I will wear these for a few weeks and then update the post with my review.

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