Updated: Mar 14, 2018

Welcome to my new adventure!

A little bit about me. I live in Northern California with my husband and two children. Like any family with little children, we do not have much free time. The days are filled with getting them ready, driving, dropping off, and picking them up. On weekends we try to organize short trips to a beach, museum, friends' house, or hike. But, that does not mean that my outfits are being neglected. I always actively analyze each look to make sure that it fits, conveys an idea, adds positive emotions, provides inspiration, and challenges norms.

Why starting a blog?

Why? I have been wanting to do this for a very long time mostly to share my ideas in hopes that few people can benefit from this. We are a consumer society. We shop constantly and buy clothes that we neither need nor want few seconds later. Most people's closets are filled with things they see in catalogs, social apps, celebrity feeds, and TV. We buy because it looks good - but NOT on us - on someone else. And this is a part of the problem. Just because it looks good on others does not mean it will flatter your body type. I hope my blog can help you to:

1. stop buying/spending so much;

2. choose items that work for you;

3. realize that quality item is better than quantity;

4. understand that fit is important.

These improvements do not have to be costly or painful. They are actually very simple.

Disclaimer. I do not have a formal style or fashion education. All of my knowledge comes from my experience. I notice things that work with various body types and things that one should avoid no matter what your body looks like. I believe that one does not need to be size 0 to look great. Fashion is not about your size. It is about fun, adventure, and mystery.

So here we are. My goal is to help anyone who will find my advice useful and worth while. I will do my best to research each topic and provide valuable summaries and illustrations.

I hope you will enjoy this as much as I do. And please email me if you have any questions or need some help. I am always here free of charge :)



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