How To Turn A Bad Hair Day Into An Awesome Hair Day

I will share a secret with you - I hate washing and blow drying my hair. Do not get me wrong, and I do wash my hair twice a week. But even then, I rarely spend time styling it. As I get ready to head out, I dread the minute when I need to make a decision about my hair. I still want to look put together, but I do not want to spend hours styling my hair. So I came up with a few options that require little time yet deliver maximum impact.

Messy Bun

I have to give credit to NicholeCiotti, who I follow on Instagram. I learned this messy hair bun trick from her, and now this is one of my go-to options. I know that it might seem complicated initially, but trust me, after a few tries, you will be an expert.

I usually add barrettes or bobbies to the side to give a look a bit of spice and dimension. Messy bun tutorial from Nichole: Instagram post.

Bandana Wrap

Bandana wrap is another hair bun option that requires less precision. It is a basic hair bun that requires a few U-shape hairpins to secure hair.

I start with a low ponytail, then wrap the hair around and secure it with pins. I can be as messy as I want or in a crazy rush, and it still would not matter in the end. Then I grab a small bandana, fold it, and wrap it around my hair bun. Viola!

I instantly upgraded my look, gave it a bit of color, and hid unwanted hair away. I am polished, clean, and chic.

Hair Braids

I have long(ish) hair that allows me to create braids. There are endless possibilities, but I prefer a single braid. Depending on how I feel, I either start high with a french braid or low with a simple braid.

To spice up the look, I sometimes add colorful bobbies.

Exciting Ponytail

Simple and effective a ponytail is always in. You can use accessories like small hair clips or pins to add color and drama. You can add multiple sections by tying a few hair ties throughout the length of the ponytail.

Here is another inspiration from Nichole. This version is a bit more complicated; I simplified it by adding ties only along the ponytail.


And my absolute favorite when I am spending a day outdoors is a hat. A hat is perfect for hiding the hair away and bringing a whole new feel to an outfit. A hat can transform an everyday look into a stylish, eye-catching outfit that looks new and feels fresh.


I hope you find these tricks useful. I can honestly say I am not a hair person who loves to wash my hair or spend time blow drying it. I instead spend that time playing and styling my looks, catching up on the news, or simply sitting down for five-ten minutes doing absolutely nothing.

While some of my suggestions might sound complicated, they are not. Yes, there is a learning curve. Yes, the first few tries will not look perfect. But with time, you will perfect every single one of them.

The small effort will bring tremendous impact and improvement to your style, mood, and self-confidence.


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