Styling Guide: How To Style A Crop Top (& Its History)

The life post-pandemic is bumpy and full of unknowns. But your fashion choices do not have to be. We have been stuck at home for quite some time now. But at least here in California, we are starting to get back to normal. Whatever that might be. And it is time to review our summer wardrobe to add a few exciting pieces to our weekly rotation.

One of the summer's biggest trends is a crop top. The IT item can be bold in color, have an exciting pattern, and show as much or as little skin as possible. The crop top has no limits when it comes to styling - pair it with sweat pants, track pants, jeans, leggings, skirts, shorts, overalls, cardigan, or shirt. So you get where I am going with this: the top is versatile, practical, fashionable, and on-point.

How It All Started: The Crop Top

The '40s Fashion

In the 1940s, the crop top slowly appeared in women's fashion. Elegant and structured tops were paired with high-waisted skirts and shorts. The looks were mainly reserved for swimwear, picnics, or poolside parties.

The 1940s

The '60s Fashion

In the 1960s, the crop top continued to evolve. The 60s were filled with love and self-expression. Women's fashion saw a surge of feminine styles with flowers and bohemian notes. The crop top dominated boho looks and often appeared at outdoor parties and concerts.

The 1960s

The 70's Fashion

In the 1970s, pop culture introduced another take on the top. Famous icons like Cher and Madonna started to pair the crop top with lower rise bottoms revealing more skin. The fashion moment resonated with many of their followers, making this trend quite popular.

The 1970s

The 80's Fashion

During the 1980s, aerobics and dance workouts became a nationwide craze and prompted many to embrace the crop top in workout gear. It was mostly limited to exercises, but the movements paved the way to today's crop tops.

The 1980s

The '90s Fashion

In the 1990s, the crop top became a permanent staple in music videos (Madonna, Britney Spears), movies (Clueless), fashion runways, and red carpet ceremonies. After that, the crop reserved its spot in the fashion world, proving to be bold, multifunctional, and exciting.

The 1990s

Modern Day Fashion

Fast forward to today. The crop top is showing no sign of slowing down or fading into the background. As a result, there are endless possibilities to style the top. Whether you are a teenager or an adult, there is something for everyone.

Where there's a will, there's a way.

How To Style The Crop Top

Wearing a crop top might feel a bit intimidating when you are no longer in your twenties, but with slight modifications the top can can work for everyone.


If you are conscious about revealing too much, then you can opt-in for more coverage.

Try on longer tops, covering most of your mid-rift. Or select a higher-waisted pant that almost comes in contact with a top. There is no need to show the skin, and you can style the cropped top to mimic the trend. The longer crop top with higher-wasted pants or skirt will create the needed effect.

Spicy Thoughtful

If you want to wear a shorter top but still would like the additional cover.

Pair your top with a blazer or cardigan. You will be comfortable knowing that most of your body is securely covered.

There is also an option of wearing a cropped top under a shirt, dress, or overalls. The top offers a nice twist and freshens up the look with a touch of on-trend styling.


If you are bold and fearless, a bright, colorful crop top will spice up any look.

Pair it with jeans, skirts, or shorts. If you want to be casual, pair the look with sneakers, sandals, or flats. Finally, if you want more fashion, style the look with high heel pumps or sandals.


And if you are not into the crop top, that is fine! Most importantly, you need to feel comfortable in your clothes.

There is no better feeling than feeling confident and comfortable in the clothes you wear. So never force it. If it is not for you, let it go. And if it is, wear it often! Confidence can be seen miles away. The more confidence we project, the more confidence comes back to us. And never forget to have fun! Fashion has no rules.


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