How To Style A Parka Jacket: Simple Effective Tips

Beautiful snowy winter is around the corner. The temperature will soon drop, and the weather will greet us with freezing wind, chilly mornings, and, hopefully, some snowfall. One of the best ways to stay warm in frigid temperatures is to wear a parka jacket. I will share with you the art of winter layering with a parka jacket.

Parka Jacket

Did you know that Arctic hunters and fishermen used to wear a parka jacket back in the day? The parka jacket was perfect for cold weather because it was heavily insulated, often lined with fur or faux fur, and had a hood. During the second world war, the parka jacket gained popularity when armies used the parka jacket to protect from freezing weather. The rugged parka jacket has since evolved into a stylish Parka that has been spotted on the pages of Vogue.

Parka jacket is a fantastic outer layer that provides excellent protection from snow, wind, and rain. Underneath the parka jacket, depending on the weather, one can have the base and middle layers. Building more layers will allow for more warmth and comfort during freezing temperatures.

Below are a few options for styling the base and middle layers to go with your parka jacket.

Base Layer

The base layer is the first layer of clothing that you wear under your regular clothes. This layer ensures that your body is warm and dry. Because it is the closest layer to the skin, it is also called thermal wear, winter innerwear, and long john. This layer is also responsible for wicking off moisture, typically sweat, and making your body moisture-free and thereby ensuring your comfort.

If you plan on wearing your parka jacket for a casual occasion at a temperature above 15℃, you can wear your regular clothes under it. The advantage of the jacket is such that it goes with almost anything. Be it your casual white Tee and classic jeans, a formal pair of trousers and a shirt, or an evening dress.

If the temperature is between 15℃ and 10℃, you can add a cotton base layer for extra warmth, and if it further drops between 10℃ and 5℃, it is advisable to add a woolen or wool blend base layer beneath your clothes. Anything below 5℃ calls for a complete wool base layer. Merino wool thermals act as a wonderful thermal layer for extreme cold weather due to its ultra microfiber structure and softness.

Mid Layer

As the name indicates, the mid-layer is the middle layer between the base layer and the outer layer. This layer must provide insulation. Hoodies, sweaters, sweatshirts, and pullovers fall in this category. Made of thick insulating material, they trap body heat between the layers and make it difficult for the heat to escape. So, these layers can be used when you need extra warmth. Since the parka jacket itself comes with heavy insulation, the mid-layers are often used only when the temperature drops below 5℃.

And if you are not climbing Mountain Everest, you can style your parka jacket with your favorite sweatshirt and denim for a trendy casual look in mildly cold weather.


Accessories play a significant role in transforming a basic outfit into a stylish look and providing additional protection. For an all-season favorite piece like a parka jacket, using the right accessories is essential.

  • If the temperatures are dangerously low, consider adding necessary accessories like hand gloves for winter, woolen socks, woolen caps, or mufflers.

  • If the thermometer shows subzero temperatures, accessories are a must-have in protecting your extremities from the harsh weather.

  • If you want to create a stylish everyday look, you can add a woolen scarf, a beanie, and winter boots.

  • If you are wearing the jacket for a run or hike, you need to wear woolen winter socks.

  • If you are heading out to dinner or a formal event, wear your parka jacket with a classy evening dress, pairing the look with gloves for added style.

Now that you know what to wear underneath a parka jacket, go ahead and show off your layering style to the world :)

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