How To Nail Down Your Accessories Game

Being a parent of two young toddlers implies many things, but one thing is for sure - there is never enough time to get ready. Getting dressed and ready to hit the road most times is a rushed blur. I try to create a coherent idea with my look, but most often, I fall short. I end up forgetting a ring, earrings, belt, hair accessories, or hat. But interestingly enough, I never forget my sunglasses!

Then recently, it hit me. Why not create a pre-arranged accessory sets? I could easily plan, creating a few sets from every day to more formal events. And when I need to get dressed, all I need is to grab one of my combinations! Brilliant, right?

How to create an effective accessories set?

Step one: Decide on the color scheme and occasion.

Nowadays, I see myself wearing simple everyday looks, so let's go with a delicate set. I love silver-toned accessories from jewelry to hair clips. So one of my collections that I created consists of a few silver-toned stacking rings, a simple chain necklace, stud earrings, and a few larger items like a belt, summer hat, and clutch or handbag.

If you like bold pieces, then add one or two eye-catching items but not more than that.

Step two: Create a list.

Now, step-by-step, I would create an actual list. Even if that list is in your head, spell it all out:

  • silver hoops (brand),

  • bold silver chain necklace (brand),

  • two or three stacking silver rings,

  • belt (color),

  • sunglasses,

  • hat or hair clip (color or brand).

If wearing accessories, is a new concept, then I suggest arranging all your items in one location, at least at the beginning. This way, you can grab them all at once. It will save you time and unnecessary stress.

Why worry about the details?

Well, for starters, it creates a more complete and sophisticated look. Imagine wearing a dress, a pair of heels, and a bag. That is a beautifully simple look that lacks excitement and dimension. Now, let's add earrings, a necklace, a few rings, and sunglasses. Do not forget about hair - adorable hair clips can bring the whole look together. Now, your outfit has a character and a story.

Little details do not only add complexity; they also help create your brand.

Maybe you adore accessories with pearls. Then add them to your daily look. Let them become a staple that you wear daily. Add pearl earrings to your weekend look to elevate it. Then add a pearl necklace and statement ring for a night out. Creating a brand can be fun!

When shopping for new jewelry pieces, do not buy ad hoc items. Think about what you wear, what existing articles you love, and then buy a new piece that complements them - not what shines brightest under glittering lights.

Below are a few of my options:

I hope you enjoyed this post!

See you later,



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