How To Layer Clothes Like A Pro: Winter Styling Guide

What would a style be without layers but a dull, predictable existence? Right? Well, maybe not that dramatic, but certainly not as exciting.

I love to layer clothes, and the best time to learn how to layer is during the fall and winter seasons. The essential idea is to layer enough pieces to stay warm outside and still be able to peel off the layers when inside. To master layering and avoid looking bulky, dive into this post, and take notes. Once you are familiar with the Dos and Don'ts of layering, you will always style like a pro.

How To Layer 101: Simple Yet Effective Guide

1. Start thin

The most important principle is that you need to start the layering process with more delicate garments. For example, start with a t-shirt or camisole. Then add a cotton or silk shirt. Then you can add a thicker sweater followed by heavier blazer or coat. The idea is to keep you warm without creating bulk.

2. Mix garments of different lengths

Selecting clothing of different lengths will give dimension to your outfit. Think of mixing a long cardigan with a shorter skirt. Or. Pair up cropped sweater with a medium length shirt dress and polish up the look with an oversized jacket.

The main point here is you do not want to wear multiple items of the same length. Think about it. If you wear a t-shirt, shirt, sweater, and coat roughly of the same length, you create a bulky silhouette in one area of your body, leaving the rest of your body unbalanced.

3. Include sleeveless pieces

One of the essential items in a successful layering is a sleeveless vest/sweater/cardigan. I think they are fantastic at keeping you warm while allowing your arms more freedom. For me, the arms do not need as many clothes as my body. I am more comfortable when my hands and, most importantly, underarms stay cool.

Let's say you are starting with a dress shirt. Add a sleeves sweater/vest/cardigan followed by a blazer or coat. And, for additional warmth, throw in an oversized scarf, gloves, and a hat.

4. Experiment with summer clothes

If you are one of the people who put away summer clothes when winter comes, think again. Some of the summer pieces might be great for layering. Looser fitting t-shirts, camisoles, or dresses can be worn under or on top of other items. This way, you can create more looks by styling summer and winter clothes together.

For example, if you have a sleeveless summer dress, you could add a sweater on top or wear a long sleeve top underneath the dress. Or. If you have a favorite graphic tee, you can layer it under a dress shirt (halfway buttoned) and throw a blazer on top.

Anything sheer, see-through, or too delicate for winter can be layered under a cardigan or shirt. Do not be afraid to mix and match materials - unexpected combinations are the best looks.

5. Think ahead

When buying a winter coat, think about layering. You will be wearing at least two or maybe three pieces under this coat. You need to have enough room to fit all the clothes into a coat and still be comfortable.

So I would advise against buying a tight-fitting coat because chances are you won't be able to wear layers. And if you cannot wear layers, then what is the point of such a winter coat.


So here we have it! Practical yet straightforward rules of layering:

  • do not limit yourself to winter/fall clothes

  • be ready to mix and match textures, colors, and materials

  • take advantage of scarves, gloves, and hats

  • mix in a sleeveless sweater vest

  • experiment with garments' lengths

I hope you enjoyed this post. Stay warm and stylish.




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