How To Improve Your Shopping Habits: Smart Shopping Roadmap

Nowadays, it is easy to get sucked in into a sea of new and existing clothing brands, the latest fashion drops, and never-ending fabulous sales. Fashion brands have become experts at nudging us to buy a new dress, shoes, or handbag. Sneaky advertisements make it hard for us to say no. But hard does not mean impossible.

I will share my thoughts on avoiding unnecessary purchases, staying within your budget, and not clutter your closet.

I look around today, and I spot a large selection of the latest merchandise from expensive fashion houses to cheaper fast fashion brands. There are new eco-conscious brands that offer sustainable materials and timeless looks. All-around temptations make it very hard to resist the urge to buy a new piece or two.

But urges and temptations can be overcome and controlled. All we need is to learn how.

How To Resist

I like to add a few new items to my wardrobe each season. And it is hard to buy only a few pieces. But I do try. I have developed an unspoken step-by-step process that I actively follow.

Let me demonstrate.

Oh, la la! I have to have this cashmere sweater. It is adorable, cool, fresh, and just what the doctor ordered. I am taking it home!

Then a moment of clarity washes over me.


Do I have something similar?

We often gravitate towards an item that is the same or similar to what we already have.


Does the design and cut work for my body?

I pause and critically look in the mirror to take in the whole look. Does the neckline work? Does the length work? Are shoulders where they supposed to be? What about the sleeves' size? Do underarms fit well?


How will I style it?

I think about what I have and how a new item fits in with my daily looks.


Does the item worth the price?

Does the quality of the material and construction justify the price? I spent a little bit of time examining the label. I also note whether an item needs dry cleaning. I pay attention to stitches, length, and material thickness.


What else can I buy with this money?

I think whether there is something else that I want more than this sweater.

Additional Thoughts To Consider

That was my thought process in a nutshell. I have to say it often helps me avoid unnecessary purchases and focus on what matters.

I also keep in mind that a desire to buy something new is just that - a temporary desire. I do not need another sweater. Mostly I am manipulated by brands into thinking that I need one.

Sometimes, when I buy a new item (and I am not 100% sure about it), I do not immediately wear it. I leave it in my closet for a few days while I consider my purchase. There is a real possibility (I know myself by now) that a few days later, the "love" will fade. If that happens, I rush back into the store to return the piece.

I hope my thought process encourages you to examine your shopping habits to fine-tune your practices.


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