How To Improve Your Face Skin Appearance: Simple & Effective Roadmap

My mom introduced me to facial skincare early on in my teens. From that point on, I have started to pay close attention to my face noticing drastic and subtle changes. Some of these changes I could easily course-correct; others presented a more significant challenge. I will share with you what I've learned as well as the daily skincare routines I follow to this day.

As I mentioned before, I've started to use toners, cleansers, and moisturizers early on in my life. Mostly thanks to my mom, who was happy to share her products with me. I loved to go through various cute bottles, tubes, and jars to smell intoxicating perfumes and touch the precious substance. In retrospect, my mom's products were not the perfect match for my skin needs, but they introduced me to skincare and helped create a life-long habit.

The first piece of advice you have probably heard many times before - always wear sunscreen. No matter where you are going or for how long you are planning to be outside, put on sunscreen first thing in the morning and then reapply throughout the day. This way, you can protect your face from sun damage, unwanted sunspots, and premature aging. I have a small bottle of sunblock in my purse that is always with me, so I can reapply whenever wherever.

I want to stress the fact that sun damage is a real issue that ages your skin and causes permanent harm. I know women who undergo treatments to get rid of accumulated sunspots. I too struggle with sunspots mostly due to having very fair skin and not using sunscreen religiously (getting better though). I found a fantastic skincare line (Rodan+Fields) that offers Unblemish Regiment, which helped me reduce the appearance of sunspots and evened out my skin tone.

Second, wash your face every night with no exceptions. Quickly clean your face to remove makeup, pollution built-up, accumulated oils, and other dirt. If you do not wash it all off, the long-term effects include acne, clogged pores, irritation, and dull skin. Give your skin a break and needed support before going to bed by wiping it clean of daily dirt and particles.

Third, you have to be consistent. If you like a particular routine/brand, stick to it and follow all the steps every day & night. Once or twice-a-week care will not do much for your skin long term. To maintain and support fresh, healthy-looking skin for years to come, you need to commit a little bit of time every single day.

Fourth, invest in a good face serum. Do not buy brand name products for the sake of the name without investigating and reading peer reviews. Better yet, talk to your friends to learn about what they use and like. Just keep in mind that various skin types have different needs; thus, your skin might need a different regiment than your friends'. I am using Active Hydration Serum and loving it! My skin has never been softer.

Fifth, diet and sleep are essential building blocks that affect the appearance of your skin. My face would show me right away if I had too much chocolate, cheese, or coffee. Breakouts and clogged pores appear almost instantly when I am not eating right. The same is true with sleep. The less I sleep, the duller and more uneven my skin tone gets. So do yourself a favor: watch what you eat and sleep at least 8 hours a night.


  • apply sunscreen every morning to protect from sun damage

  • wash your face every night to clear out pollution and makeup build-up

  • use facial products consistently to enjoy a full range of benefits

  • invest in an excellent face serum to support fresh-looking skin

  • follow a balanced diet and full night sleep for optimal skin performance

I hope you enjoyed this read. Check back soon for more :)

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