How To Buy Clothes That You Will Love To Wear Time After Time

I cannot count the number of times I would see a garment and instantly fall in love with it. It would be a fantastic piece that looks stunning, delicate, intricate, and chic. In my early twenties, I rarely thought past the initial emotion or questioned my decision to buy an item. Of course, I should get it if I can afford it.

However, with age and experience, I now pay close attention to a garment that captivates my attention. I ask myself several questions before buying it. I carefully examine material, construction, and fit. I also spend ten-twenty minutes wearing a garment around the house to get a feel for how it wears, drapes, fits, and moves.

I perform such extensive examinations because I want a practical, chic, and comfortable wardrobe. I do not want a cool-looking piece that I wear once and never touch again because it was highly uncomfortable.

I will share my tips and tricks on how to steer clear of clothes made to impress and find items worthy of our time and money - clothes that are a delight to wear, bring joy and boost confidence.

How To Avoid The Traps of Unworthy Clothing

A. Construction:

Does an item have a thoughtful construction?

For example, a strapless dress looks gorgeous, but only a fantastic construction will keep it in place. A cheaper construction will allow a dress to move, shift, and slide, forcing you to adjust the garment constantly.

When examining an item, review a garment's construction closely:

  • Does a garment keep shape (e.g., blazers' lapels are not droopy)?

  • Does material drape well (e.g., fabric drapes without bulking)?

  • Is the material season-appropriate (e.g., a winter item must be made with thicker material)?

  • Zippers and buttons are not loose

B. Fit

Does an item fit YOUR body?

The proper fit is essential no matter the price tag. The right fit will ensure that an item flatters, accentuates, and envelops as needed.

For example, a very tight-fitting top could be too tight to the point where you cannot take a breath when you sit down. It is impossible to be comfortable when you cannot catch a breath or cannot sit down to relax.

On the other hand, you do not want loose and super oversized clothes. They will add unnecessary bulk creating unflattering shapes.

When trying on an item, pay attention to:

  • fit in the shoulders and underarms (e.g., you should be able to raise your hands);

  • fit in the waist (make sure you sit down to ensure you are comfortable);

  • fit in the chest (e.g., no gaps between buttons)

C. Material

Is a material "skin" friendly?

It is essential to realize that our desire to wear an item depends partly on the material from which it is made. Synthetic fibers and rough blends make us cringe because they are harsh on the skin and do not allow it to breathe. On the other side, soft cashmere and natural fibers wrap us in comfort and softness, making us gravitate toward them more often.

Next time you buy a new item:

  • check out a garment's tag (see what materials were used in the construction);

  • avoid synthetic fibers and blends;

  • go for natural or sustainable materials

D. Length

Is the length of a garment work for you?

It is essential to get the right length. A very short dress or skirt might look nice, but it is impractical to wear. While we can certainly wear them, the body exerts extra effort to ensure that we look good wearing them.

On the opposite end, garments that are too long could be a stumbling hazard.

E. Purpose

Why are you buying a garment?

It is critical to pinpoint why you are buying a garment. Is it for every day? Is it for the office? Is it for a special occasion?

Knowing why you are buying a garment will further help you make a better decision. Maybe a little bit of risk-taking is worth it if you are looking for a strapless cocktail dress for the second date. Or perhaps you need to steer clear of a strapless top because you are hosting a large family gathering and must be 100% comfortable.


I firmly believe that what we wear must be comfortable, functional, and chic. There is no need to sacrifice one or the other. But that means we have to commit to the process. We will have to leave a garment behind most of the time even though we like it conceptually. And I know it is hard to pass on the item that caught your eye. But think bigger. Commit to creating a functional and stylish wardrobe filled with quality garments that are well made, look stunning, and are comfy.


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