How To Be Stylish And Not Break A Bank

Steer clear of quickly-fading fashion trends while setting clear style boundaries

It is so tempting to buy something new. Just this one time. Only this one piece. I get it; sometimes, we all need a little shopping therapy. But what happens when we get home or the next day? Very often, I feel disinterested in the very item I so desired the day before. Then I shove it towards the end of my closet, wasting my money and closet space.

The clothing cycle is short nowadays. New trends, materials, and styles emerge weekly. Social media influencers tempt us with the latest brands and must-have items. And for some of us, it is hard to resist these temptations. We shop a little, or we shop a lot, cluttering our closets with one-time-worn pieces.

So the question is, how do we shop better? What items worth our money and time?

The Roadmap

To help me with this endeavor, I created a shortlist of items that I should never buy. My "rules" are a roadmap that I follow when I shop. It steers me away from things I do not like or would wear only once while identifying timeless pieces that worth my time.

I present to you a few "Not Worth My Money" Items:

  • Animal prints are big in fashion, but fashion is not everything. A personal touch, unique take, and distinct style are what you want to be known for - not that you follow runway trends.

I love flowery prints and, thus, when I feel like I need more drama I go for bold colors and large prints satisfying my inner-fashionista.

  • Culottes, boot-cut pants, or other trendy pant designs have no room in my closet. I stick to classics like straight, skinny, or wide-leg pants. They are always in, easy to style, and work with any outfit.

Whenever I feel like I need a new pair of pants, I go through my closet first. I review what I have and only then make a decision about a new purchase.

  • Short-lived trends are not worth my money: cut-out dresses, off-the-shoulder top, or puffy/bell sleeves. Unless these trends work with your unique style, I urge you not to waste your money.

Right now, bell sleeves are very trendy, but I find them very impractical. How am I supposed to staff these sleeves into a jacket or coat? Odd.

  • Knit skirts and dresses could be challenging to maintain. In the past, I noticed that knitted pieces stretch around my glutes and then hang unflatteringly. I am not sure if there is a solution. But my answer is not to buy them.

I love the idea of a sweater dress, but every time I contemplate a purchase, I remember my last dress stretching out unflatteringly.

So here it is. My simple yet practical guide to smart shopping. I found that my closet is not lucking in style without these pieces. And I save my closet's space and money.


My roadmap is not set in stone - it changes and develops as I get older and more experienced; but, boundaries help a lot. Setting limits on what I like and want is very beneficial. I am not wasting money and time. My closet consists of items that I love so that matching and paring becomes more natural.

I hope my post inspired you to examine your shopping habits. Good luck and happy, smart shopping.



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