How To Add Colorful Pieces To A Black & White Wardrobe

Color! It could be intimidating and scary to introduce color into a wardrobe where black, brown, and beige colors might dominate. But I feel like color is critical to our lives, especially when it comes to clothes. Color has a tremendous power to transform a look and lift spirits. We must not be intimidated by color but rather learn and embrace its powers.

Imagine for a second that you are wearing a mostly black outfit. While I get an appeal of an all-black look, I think it should not be an everyday option. Yes, the color black is intense; it means business. But it also creates distance, representing night and despair.

While an all-black ensemble is appropriate for many occasions, there are times when it is better to add a pop of color. A Sunday brunch calls for a colorful top or cardigan. A picnic in a park calls for exciting wide-leg pants and a bright camisole. A casual daytime date calls for some color-blocking action.

Please do not cut yourself short. Fun, excitement, love, and thrill are the emotions that worth the time. I know that it is easy to pull on an all-black or all-brown look, but it is equally easy to style an all-purple, yellow, orange, or pink look. Give it a try, and you will be shocked at how much fun it is.

How To Introduce Color

Color is worth the trouble. Finding that perfect shirt, blouse, or sweater, could be draining and time-consuming, but it will bring you joy day after day.

What is the best way to slowly introduce color into a wardrobe?

I would start with reviewing a wardrobe to identify the clothes that you love to wear. Not what you want to wear but what is being worn daily.

It could be that you prefer sweat pants with fitted tops, jeans with dress shirts, or wide-leg pants with knit tops. No matter what it is. Identify your go-to items and keep them in mind when you are shopping next time.

When you are in a store or online shopping, step out of your comfort zone, move slowly towards colorful choices, and review what they have to offer—remind yourself what you love to wear and look for similar items in bright colors. Keep in mind that it is easier to start with solid colors instead of patterns and prints.


For example, let's say that the black color dominates a wardrobe. The perfect colors that work well with black are yellow, pink, red, green, and white.

Start slowly and introduce classical pieces first: a white dress shirt and a white t-shirt. Then think about bolder colors like pink, green, and yellow. You do not have to add them all. Pick your favorite bold color and invest in a quality sweater, cardigan, blazer, blouse, or shirt.

Introducing color should not be a scary adventure—quite the opposite. Searching for the perfect color combination can be exciting, like searching for a hidden treasure. Why not embrace fun and enjoy bright summer days with a hint of color.

What To Buy Next Time You Are Shopping

When you are looking for fresh items to add to your rotation, think critically and honestly. Will you wear it?

Think back to your daily rotation; whether you are a jeans-and-top kind of girl or skirt-and-dress, buy a fresh piece that will be familiar yet different in color. Do not force a new purchase that is not your style; chances are, if you are not into dresses, you will never wear them. Well, maybe once.

The clever move would be to invest in a top that works with your favorite pair of pants. I guarantee that pop of color will become your thing before you know it.

Several items are trending this season:

  • A cropped top in every shape, color, and material is the key piece this summer;

  • A bright summer dress is a perfect piece to buy for a summer wedding, picnic, or brunch;

  • The monochrome casual or sporty look is popular for weekends;

  • Bright colors, patterns, and color blocking are in this summer. Do not be shy if you like to experiment. There is no time like the present for an adventure!


And do not worry about making a mistake or pairing colors that do not work well together. There are no rules in fashion. All that matters is that you have fun! You need to love your looks, not other people. I know it takes time to get comfortable, but without experiment and improvisation, it will never happen. So get out there and experiment!


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