how and when to shop sales

Whether you love them or hate them; sales are amazing if you are on a budget and need to get the most of it. There is one big caveat though, it is almost impossible to find what you need for a specific occasion during a single trip.

Recently, after my family has grown in numbers to four members, spending money on myself has taken a different meaning. Or more precisely, I do not get to spend the same amount of money on myself anymore. My budget gets destroyed by childcare payments and other children related expenses.

I had to face a "difficult" situation (first world problem). How was I supposed to look good while having a substantially smaller budget on personal shopping? Of course, everyone knows that sales are the way to go, but, as I tried this theory, I realized that sales racks have leftovers that most of the time do not come in my size or required quality. I was puzzled once again.

One day, after a stressful day at work, I decided to head to a mall for some retail therapy. I did not need anything, in particular, I decided to just browse the racks. And as I did not really care for a specific thing, I'd started to look through sales racks. As I was going through, I kept finding things that caught my attention.

I was surprised, as I headed to changing rooms with more than ten items to try on. To my surprise, I loved many items. What I loved, even more, was that they were all on sale or clearance. This is when it hit me - sales shopping has to be done when you need absolutely nothing in particular. You need to be free of any ideas, notions, or desires. The only desire is to have a great time (that is if you enjoy shopping). This is when inspiration and luck come to you. A shopping experience becomes an exploration, not a chore. You are no longer looking for that red dress or that perfect pair of jeans. You are just enjoying an experience of exploration.

Next time, you have some time or need some retail therapy, head to a store or a mall but do not make assumptions in your head. Go open minded with a positive attitude and check out just sales racks. You will be pleased and excited to find the last top in your size at a great bargain, to treat yourself to a new bra that is on sale, or buy a new purse in the latest color.

On my latest shopping trip, I ended up in Bloomingdales. I do not normally shop there because of its prices, but I had a particularly rough day at work. So I headed in. I needed absolutely nothing. I started to absent-mindedly looking through racks. I did one pass of the second floor finding absolutely nothing I liked. I was not disappointed. I sort of expected that. The store was not my style or in my price range. Without much thought, I started doing a second pass of the floor, but this time I head straight for the sales racks. Not sure why I avoided them in the first place.

Sales racks pleasantly surprised me. I found two dresses by Hobbs, each marked down to $100 from the original $300. I found a lovely white t-shirt with tiny martini glasses all over it. Looked amazing! Without any active agenda, I had the greatest time exploring the store, finding great wardrobe additions at perfect prices. One of the dresses is an absolute jewel! Canary yellow dress that is well constructed, sawn and tailored ("just for me").

I hope you can put my theory to test. I wish you luck and do stay open-minded but true to yourself.

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